I am always making stories in my mind. I love making one, specially when I woke up in the morning, or during the afternoon when the surrounding is making no sounds. Those stories that are connected to my dream… to my future. I am hoping that one day, it may happen.

One morning, I was looking outside the window where my eyes were focused on the sky. Then, the words came out saying

“Lord, I want to be an …… I want to be part of ……”


I don’t know how to start. I don’t know how it can happen. I don’t even know if that would happen.I still have doubts. I am lack of confidence. But there’s still a part of me asking…

What if, one day it may happen?

What will I do?

How can I prove myself?

Would my present self enough to be accepted?

I know I can only do little things. I am not yet as good as the others, but I am always trying to do something that would let me try to discover what’s still hidden.

I was not able to find it as of the moment, but I promise to myself that I won’t give up. I will try… I will keep on trying, as I want to prove to myself that I did something better… That I even exceeded my own expectations…

Every time I look outside, I am asking myself…

“Would I be able to achieve that dream?”


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