My Dubsmash | Vol. 2

Bea Alonzo Dubsmash – Part 2

“You’re such an outdated person. Haha.”

As what I remembered, my friend from college told me that.

I am obviously that one when I was in my teen age. While my friends were in the latest fashion trends, I am wearing loose-fitting jeans and shirts. I know it’s old-fashioned but for me, it’s cozy.

Speaking of outdated thing. That same person said it again when she started to sing an updated songs played in Myx, MTV, and the like… but I started liking it when it’s obsolete. Also, another good example I could share was when I’ve watched One More Chance. It was already six years after its first screening. I think it was really in my blood. For me, I am forever young. *laugh*


Maybe… I was not in the mood to watch that kind of dramatic heartbreaking movie. Maybe… I can’t find someone to watch with me. Maybe… I just don’t want to. Or maybe… there is a “right time” to watch it. Right time? Yes, right time. 

I find that movie really interesting because of the reality it brought to the viewers; and of course, that’s Bea and John Lloyd. Perfect love team. Their acting skills are substantial, significant, special! That’s the time I realized that Bea Alonzo is my favorite actress. The way she acts and express her emotions have bearing on us. Actually, it’s obviously won’t be forgotten even today. I can still read some movie lines while browsing the social media.

So, when I started enjoying the Dubsmash App, I’ve tried to find Bea Alonzo’s lines and gladly I saw it. I have dubsmash of her selected movielines. I’ve done it in a serious and funny way, and I like it!

These past few days before I came to work, I’ve tried to record one, two, or even three dubsmash videos. Then, I uploaded it on my social media accounts. It’s so fun! I feel so happy, especially when I saw that there are many people who viewed my videos.

Now, here’s my Dubsmash compilation of Bea Alonzo’s movie lines. Enjoy watching! 🙂

Check out my Youtube channel for more dubsmash videos


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