November Baby

November 2, 2015 

Sorry late post. Just imagine that today is Monday 🙂

I know you have seen photos I uploaded in Instagram and Facebook around 12MN.

But before I posted those photos, I received lots of heartwarming and nakakakilig personal messages from the people I expected. Yes! I expect to receive a message from them. Haha! Kasi sila yung mga taong sobrang malapit sa puso ko. At the end of the day, I read again their messages (Kilig much talaga ako).

Like what I have mentioned in my uploaded photos that I am thankful for those who remember this special day of mine. I know those people and I will never forget the effort they did to greet me. Thanks to those who posted on my Facebook wall. I appreciate that… SO MUCH!

Sad to say, there were also people, I think, who forgot this day. Though it was fine, minsan lang hindi mo din ineexpect na nakalimutan ka nila (drama mode). Anyway, I do not want that negative vibes stay for this whole month. Never! So Car, go ahead and look into the bright side. LOL.


GOOD VIBES for the whole month please…

It is my day, so I want to take advantage of it.

Bawal akong awayin, inisin, asarin, o kahit ano pang negative na makaka-apekto sa mood ko bawal. AS IN BAWAL! Haha!

That is my motto for today, actually every year.

I just wanted to make this day extra special. It is not the matter of receiving gifts or surprises, but I want to have this day full of happiness and sweetness. Yesterday, I attended the afternoon mass in Baclaran church. I have mentioned that from my recently uploaded blog (Hello November!), but not in detailed as I wanted the story to be told here. So, let’s start…

November 1, 2015 – Sunday

It was All Saints Day, and first Sunday of the month

What was my plan?

I want to attend a mass (morning or afternoon) somewhere in Manila, and pray for the souls of my Tatay, Papa, and two Lolas. Then, I want to have an advance celebration of my Birthday by just having a delicious lunch or dinner somewhere near the place I will be currently in.

What did happen?

It was a great and blessed day! 

We attended an afternoon mass in Baclaran church. After the mass, we lit candles and prayed. I felt so blessed knowing that tomorrow is my special day. Then, we went to MOA to buy some stuff as a gift for me. At night, we ate dinner at Kimono Ken. I spent that day with my boyfriend.

What happened to MOA?

We really got tired walking. Ang laki kasi ng MOA. Infairness! Mahirap siyang libutin. I bought clothes; he bought me some too, as a birthday gift. We have work tomorrow, so we decided to celebrate it today. It was a long day, but I am so happy and blessed.

November 2, 2015 – Monday

Good mooooooooorning! 

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to meeeee!

I was just singing in my mind. Bawal mag-ingay dahil madami pang natutulog. I am looking forward for today because I am expecting something. To be specific, I am expecting to receive messages from the people I love – family and closest friends. What a great day to start! I have received a cute message from my Bestfriend.

Though we do not have much time to see each other, we never fail to keep in touch. Sometimes, she called. Sometimes, she sent messages in Facebook, etc. She is the sweetest girl I have ever known – Ruru. Ruru was my classmate in high school until she became my bestfriend.

**In my eyes only**

I have read so many greeting from different persons – high school and college classmates, teachers and professors, friends, relatives, previous and current workmates – and I am happy to see that there were also people I never expected that will greet me. Thank you po! Naalala niyo ako. Nakakatuwa. Not just that, there are some who even posted my picture on their Instagram and Facebook. Ang sweet nila. Hihi.

Every year, I am looking forward for this day and for what am I going to read from them. I love reading messages especially the long one and meaningful one. Knowing what they feel having me as their friend is very important. Their messages are something I will always treasure. From there, I can see who are still with me. Thank you guys! You know how much I love you.

You like to know my real message for them?

Dear My Bestfriend/Sister/Closest Friend,

You have made it! I felt your love and care though we have not seeing each other most of the time. Your heartwarming messages made this day extra special. Ang laki ng impact sakin na malaman kong naalala niyo ako. Sobrang masaya ako. That kind of happiness that can never be bought. Thank you! I know my words are not enough to express how happy, thankful, and blessed am I because I have you. Like what I always promise, our friendship will never have an ending. Through thick and thin, I am here. Even we all have our own families in the future, nothing will ever change. That is how I treat you not just a friend, but like my real family. I will never ever forget how my life has changed to a better one because of you. You have a very big part in my life that I will forever thank for. I hope that you will never get tired being my friend, being my family, as I promise not to. From the start of our friendship, though we had some sort of misunderstanding, it does not and will never affect our friendship. It never gets broken, but it becomes stronger. Kahit anong mangyari, kahit saan pa tayo makarating, kaibigan kita. Walang magbabago. Magkaibigan tayo. Forever. Tama yung song diba?

…Naniniwala na ako sa forever magmula nung nakilala kita…

Thank you so much! Thanks for being there. Thanks for offering the best friendship that I will treasure in my whole life. Subok na subok na kita. Kahit kailan, hindi ka nawala. Ako din naman diba? It is simply because you are worth to keep. I love you! Forever and ever.

Hugs and kisses, CAR


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