Wonderful Paradise

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

She’s just a simple girl living with her grandmother in a small house in the middle of the dark forest. When she was young, she always dreamed to have a life full of happiness outside the dark forest. She’s been taken care of her grandmother until she turns 18. At that age, she decided to go out and find the place where flowers and butterflies are living. She decided to go there alone, and promise to her grandmother that when she found that place, she will come back.

She walked in the dark forest, alone. She promised to herself that she will find that place. During her travel… When she’s hungry, she will find fruits. When she’s sleepy, she will find a tree. When she wants to take a bath, she will find a river. She can live on her own.

After days of travelling, someone from her behind said “Hi lady! What are you doing in a dark forest?”

I said, “I lived here with my grandmother.”

“Where is she?” “She’s staying at home.”

Until we travel together, and like me he’s finding the place where flowers and butterflies are living. He wanted to see if there is a place like that on earth. So, they travel together and they hared our stories while on our way. And one day, they found it.

The place was so beautiful. But it seems like, she’s not happy with it yet. She felt that it was not the place she’s actually looking for. So, she decided to continue searching. He wanted to stay. She left him.

She continues her journey, as she promised to herself that she will find that place. Along her way, she met different kinds of people. They walk with her. Eat with her. Share their happiness with her. She’s so happy, but she realized that she’s not yet there. She’s not yet in the beautiful she promised to find.

One day, she saw a strange place from afar. The place was so bright. She continued until she reached the door. She opened it.

“It’s so bright. I can’t see anything. What’s going on?”

She closed her eyes.

Then, she opened.

“What is this place?” She was amazed.

The place became a paradise. There are so many flowers and butterflies. They have different colors. They smell so sweet. She loved it.

Suddenly she noticed that she was wearing a pink dress with lots of diamonds. Her hair color has changed from black to light brown, and curled. Her nails painted red. Her black boots had changed to crystal pink glass shoes. She’s holding a combination of white and pink roses, while standing at the end side of the red carpet.

“What did just happen? I am wearing a very beautiful clothes like a princess. I love it.”

She was really amazed while looking as the whole place.

“What is this place? Why I am here?”

“You’re here! I’ve waited… for years.”

There was someone at the other end of the red carpet. That person was wearing a white long sleeve with pink rose in his left pocket, white pants, and beautiful brown shoes.

But… she couldn’t recognize the face. It was so bright.

“Who are you?”

It was 8am in the morning.

“My dear. Breakfast is ready. I cooked your favorite food.”

“Thank you grandma. I am coming.”

…And I woke up. It was only a fairy tale.


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