Know Me More | Pt. 1

I think this is the right time for you to know me more. Aside from reading a very short description of me in ABOUT ME post, I am now going to start writing more about myself. From there, you could also know who am I when it comes to the closest people in my heart – my family and friends. Honestly speaking, I have many friends (promise! madami talaga sila), but of course there will always be few that I could give special treatment. The true friendship that I want them to feel with me. Though I can also say that I am not like before, but nothing will ever change when it comes to those who are true to me. 

50 Things About Car (1/2)


  1. I am ambitious. I always wish and pray for something that I wish to happen soon. I am always willing to wait for that. Read my blog – The Right Time.
  2. I am pessimist, sometimes. It is like accepting that I am not as good as them. I do not have the special skills or talent. I am also thinking that there will always something wrong or bad that will happen, but at the end of the day, things can change and I could say that there’s still light after darkness.
  3. I love chocolates. I love it so much! My favorite chocolates are Toblerone, Ferrero, and M&M. Sometimes when I go to 7/11 or ministop and I saw it, I will surely buy one.
  4. Unica Hija. I am not spoiled, because my mother told me when I was young that we are not rich. So, I promise to myself that I will work hard and save.
  5. I am good at earning, but as good as spending. It always happen that every time I have money, I have something I want/need to buy. Actually, medyo nakakainis nga eh. I cannot say no to myself. 
  6. Mataray, masungit, mainitin ang ulo. Of course, I am only that kind of person when I am not in the mood, or if someone irritates me a lot, or if I am so stress. 
  7. College days – Campuses Tour. I have entered 4 schools in College with different courses. Far Eastern University-NRMF (Nursing), Far Eastern University-Fern (Accountancy), Far Eastern University-Manila (Economics), Colegio de San Juan de Letran (BSBA-Financial Management). You do not have to ask me why. What is important is that I already graduated, and now exploring the real world. Congratulations to me! Haha!
  8. I am a very conscious person. I am not good looking especially when I was young, so when I entered college I have tried to be as fine as I can. The acceptable look at that time. *tawa pa more*
  9. Outdated person – most of the time. I can still remember when one of my friends during my nursing days told me that I always discover or liking things when it is not uso anymore. It was like they were singing together with the latest song, and I was like “Ano yan? Bago? Ah okay…” Then, “Alam mo gusto ko yung madalas niyong kantahin dati. Paulit ulit ko nga siya pinapakinggan eh.” “Hay nako Car, luma na yan! Ito na yung bago oh!” 
  10. I am not tall. Sad to say, I am just 5’1. Yung pangarap ko dati, hinding hindi ko na pinangarap ngayon. Height palang bagsak na kasi. Secret nalang kung ano ‘yon. I am so affected with this height thing.
  11. My favorite color is Yellow.
  12. I like Pop/Alternative songs, but I love Pop songs most of the time.
  13. I like seeing and doing something new. I always get bored when I am just doing the same thing everyday. I want to discover new things because it makes me feel excited and productive.
  14. I do not like kontrabidaYung nagsuggest ka lang, ang dami na sasabihin. May-pinaglalaban-ka-ba or may-pinagdadaanan-ka-ba kind of attitude. It irritates me… a lot.
  15. I love eating warm foodI do not enjoy eating when it is too hot or too cold. Warm will always be perfect!
  16. I LOVE VINTAGE. As you can see, I am decorating my blog site with a vintage theme. I love it… so much! It feels like going back to the princesses age. If I could only be on that time, I think I am so happy. Hay… I want to go to London!
  17. When it comes to clothing, it always depends on my moodDark colors – black, navy blue, dark gray. Happy colors – with touch of red, pink, yellow, purple, green. 
  18. My ultimate crush is Lee Min Ho. I find him really handsome. Yung palagi kang kinikilig kapag napapanood mo siya. I want to go to Korea!
  19. I like asking opinions from experienced people. It is something connected to my career growth and future plans. I also want to be successful like them.
  20. I love street food/drinks – kwek kwek, squid balls, kikiam, bbq, isaw, scramble, gulaman. Ito yung masarap kainin pagkatapos ng klase noon. Nakakamiss!
  21. I became an Online English Teacher. I think I am just qualified because of my kadaldalan and convincing power that I am good, and I have so many ideas to share. But in grammar side, I am not sure if I am excellent or what on that. Basta magkaintindihan naman kami ng students ko pwede na ‘yon.
  22. I do not like horror movies. Gusto ko matulog ng matiwasayI love romantic and comedy type of movie/show. 
  23. I love to sing and dance, to draw, and now I AM PASSIONATE TO WRITE. I just love to do those things because I enjoy it, but I am not as good as the others. It is my stress reliever anyway.
  24. I do not like wearing heels. I have tried it so many times, especially during college (it is a requirement), but I do not like it. Actually before, if I am already inside the Colegio, I will change my heels with my flat shoes. Ako na pasaway! Once palang naman ako nahuli. Haha!
  25. I love taking pictures and making videos. I just simply love making memories from taking picture. I want to still see those pictures in the future. Then, I recently discover Dubsmash app. Like what I have told you, I am an outdated person, so I started appreciating that app just recently. Watch my Dubsmash videos 

As you can see, I only posted 1-25. Just perfect to cut it in half for a while. I am so sleepy and I have to wake up early tomorrow. Hay… another busy day. I will just continue it some time this week. Goodnight! *wink*

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