When It All Started


It was just recently… When I have so many things to say but I can’t tell. There is doubt because that many words must be clear and nice. My thoughts did not gather properly as what I want it to be. It’s like spending too much time creating sentences in my mind just to make it sounds beautiful. It became another reason of why I should just write it anyway. And now I am here!

Before discovering WordPress.com, I was posting my blogs to other blog site that was actually introduced by my dear friend in the office. When I made an account there, I was like changing its look every now and then, and I enjoyed it. Haha! One night, I was browsing the internet to find something interesting to read, and that was the time I saw a blog from my random searching that really interest me. Without thinking twice, I’ve made an account and get started. I transferred my posted blogs from the previous one, so it doesn’t show the correct date.

I started blogging last October 2015 (One month before my birthday). It’s became my online Diary; and I like that! I actually have one when I was young, but I don’t have any chance to retrieve them due to fire, and we also transfer from Quezon City to Bulacan. I can’t remember those writings, but if there would be a chance that my memory will work well, I’ll surely write them here.

When I was in high school, I started to buy a special notebook to continue my habit of writing my day to day activities. There were also times that I made a comic because of my wide imagination. I just made stories with drawings. Sayang lang wala na yung mga ‘yon ngayon. Wala na akong na-save.

Tahimik lang kasi ako dati. Kahit meron akong dapat sabihin hindi ko nasasabi. I even try to ask myself why I am like that. Kaya may mga pagkakataon na bigla nalang akong sasabog magsasabi ng nararamdaman ko kasi napuno na ako ng words na hindi ko agad sinasabi. I am an introvert person. I admit it. Halata naman siguro sa blog site ko noh? Haha! Though now I’ve changed, there are still part of me staying what I really am, an introvert.

There are so many disadvantages of being that one, but I can’t help myself kung umataki ‘yon sakin. So, what I do now is when I have something to say and I can’t say it right away, I am giving myself a few minutes to gather my thoughts and to tell those words in a nice way. Though sometimes it made the situation worst, but when I speak everything will be fine again. I know it’s not always good/fine that’s why I am still trying to adjust. Mahirap man pero kakayanin. Sana kaya ko!

So, that’s why I started blogging.

Another thing is that, this blog site shows so many FREE beautiful themes that you’ll love. Because I am a beginner, I’ve tried almost all of the free themes until I found one; and that’s I am currently using. Thank you WordPress! I love it!


Stories won’t just stay in my mind now, I’ll start sharing it.

If you like visiting my site, feel free to drop some messages. Just email me: mrcrdelrosario@gmail.com *smile*


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