Everything Has Changed, and So You are

I can still remember those times that you and I were always together. We don’t let those free times to have nothing to do, but making sure that every moment will be something to cherish. That moment full of laughter because of crazy jokes we’ve had shared; and those times that we even felt that was very short, and you wished to make it longer. I like those happy memories we’ve had. I love those times without dull moments. I truly felt that I have you, and of course you have me too. I promised to myself that I will always be here for you, especially if you need me. I’ve made sure that those times of happiness and even sadness, you can count on me. Though my presence is not always 100%, I never let you feel that you’re alone as I am making myself present in your heart. Though there were times that we’ve had a misunderstanding, everything will get back to normal when we talked. That kind of friendship I have felt… but then, I am not sure.

And now, things have change. We’ve separated ways, and we didn’t have a chance to meet as always like the usual. We were not able to share happiness together because of so many different reasons. You’ve met new friends; you’ve been part of other company; I saw pictures with captions like those you’ve ones posted with me; I saw happy days when you were with them, and that made me feel something unusual. I have tried to say hi and hello to know if you’re okay. I’ve also tried to send you personal messages waiting for you to tell me a story with your new found friends. But, I think things are not the same as before. The saddest part of our story already came, and I don’t have anything to do with that.

I have given you so much trust, and hope that we will stay as what we used to be even we get old. I was very happy imagining that future will be shared with you and with our own family. That was really sweet, right? I know you feel the same, but there is part of me saying that I am sure with that. Even I don’t know what had really happened to us, I think you’re happier now, and I am not against it. Maybe, there were something happened that I am not aware of; or maybe, there were times that you’ve felt that you need something new.

Everything has really changed, and the time came that you even don’t give a nice words towards me. It’s okay. I understand you. You have nothing to worry about me, if you still care.

It’s not only you that should change. Let me feel the same, too.

I am not saying that I won’t be around as what you want me to be, but nothing will be the same now. Maybe, that short period of friendship we’ve been had is something that we were not yet sure. I’ve entered your world in just a glimpse anyway, and I know you have that closest one that I’ve thought I am. There’s nothing to get worry on what I feel, they were just a decision I’ve made that I can’t tell if that’s right.

Thank you for the temporary feelings of happiness that you have let me feel when I am with you. I will not forget that. Even I am not like the others who always mingle with you, you have let me feel that I am still part of your world. Thank you for the short time of happy memories that was really something to cherish. Those will stay as our great memories; and that is why I am writing it today.

I’m sorry, but from now on I have to choose myself more than yours. As long as I am seeing you happy with your life, there’s nothing to worry about.

Thanks for everything anyway, and Good Bye!


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