Things That Always Come In My Mind


I chose to take a rest these past few days. But sometimes, even while you’re resting there are random things that will just come in your mind. You’ll realize that those are actually the things that you’re always thinking.

  • My future life. I am always thinking and wondering how the future would be in my favor. Sometimes, I am in a situation where I imagine myself with life I always wish to have. It is not because I am not contented in my life right now, I am so blessed and thankful to the current life that God gave me, but it is something related to my one big wish. If you are my regular visitor here, you can see how hopeful am I to make that wish come true, but you will also notice that besides my eagerness, I am sometimes hopeless.
  • My current situation. I was like in a moment of silent, and thinking of things that I could change to make my life change, too. There is something that I really want to happen, but I don’t know how that would be. I know I have to do something for it if I really want it to happen, but the question is… How? How can I start? I am so clueless. *sigh*
  • Year 2016 – next year. Yes, I am looking forward for 2016. I don’t know why, but the feeling of excitement is always there. Maybe, there is something waiting for me. Sana ‘yon na yung hinihintay ko, kung hindi naman handa parin ako maghintay.
  • Kim
  • My Family
  • My one big wish. Sana sana sana. Read my Blog How I Wish
  • To visit Japan and Korea. I always wanted to visit these countries since when I was a child for some random reasons:
  1. cold weather
  2. cute stuffs
  3. different kind of food (but no to raw food)
  4. visit their tourist spot
  5. and… lot more… *big smile*


Every now and then, I realized that these are the usual thoughts in my mind. Before, I am not taking it seriously because I am used to go-with-the-flow concept of life, until I feel that there are something I really want to happen. I know that I have to take an action to make it happen, still there are things that you don’t know how to even start… as you’re also clueless. Maybe, things might change by some time. For now, I am making up my mind, so I can make an action one at a time.



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