Let The Beauty That We Love Be What We Do

“The unfed mind devours itself.” 

– Gore Vidal

Since I was young, I was so in love in the concept of arts. It was something that I really enjoy, and I never get tired whenever I am doing it. Though I’m not like a pro, as long as my arts appreciated by other people… that makes me happy. I haven’t tried to study/focus on my skills because that’s something extra to do on my free time. So, aside from blogging, drawing is my other thing.

When it comes to choosing what to draw, I am getting inspired every time I see anime character with lots of details. OMG! I want to buy a sketch pad now! 

12303_jn_frenchshoot-008_1353114599_817 anime_girl_in_hoodie_by_shigokuboy-d8ixwx0


Photos were taken from Google

I like charcoal type of drawing because of the shading part that’s somehow challenging, but it’s really really fun! That black and white kind of drawing is something that amazes me. Aside from anime, I also tried to draw a human face before, pero sobrang ma-effort at time-consuming siya gawin. As I am not like a pro, my drawing is not so good (Sure ako dyan!). I draw it during our first year. Hindi siya talaga masyadong kamukha. Maybe, I could try something better next time.

Err… nawawala na yung drawing ko. Huhu! Hindi ko na talaga mahanap 😦

“Art is literacy of the heart”

– Elliot Eisner

As I have interest when it comes to drawing, putting make-up is another thing that I also consider as an art. I enjoy it when I’m making myself look nice. I am putting make-up when I go to work, or for some other special occasions. I’m actually wearing it to hide the imperfection on my face (I’m blaming that pimple marks! Hay…), and of course to look presentable whenever I go out. But sometimes, it’s also fine with me if I’m not going to put anything. Minsan kasi parang ang bigat sa mukha kapag may make-up, diba?

Here are what you can find in my make-up kit:

  1. Ponds
  • rose gel
  • ultra luminous serum
  1. Maybelline New York
  • concealer
  • powder foundation
  • lipsticks (shades of pink and red)
  • eyebrow
  1. Etude House
  • BB cream
  • lip tint
  1. L’oreal
  • BB cream
  • matte lipstick

Those are my favorite brands, because they are suitable for my skin. They are not expensive, yet it gives comfort that my skin won’t get irritated. I tried to use Mac, and VMV Hypoallergenics, but I think it’s not something to be used every day because it’s expensive.

I started practicing in putting proper make-up when I was in college, as my make-up skills before was really bad! Haha! So, I watched different make-up tutorials, and bubzbeauty youtube channel is my favorite.

I learned a lot from her channel. So now, I could say that somehow… I am a little bit good than before. One of my favorite videos of Bubz is the 5 min School Make-up, but I don’t follow her routine exactly, as for me it’s too much. As long as I have eyebrow and lipstick, that’s enough.




Then last Sunday, my best friend came to my place because she has a party to attend at night. She requested to make me her stylist. Wow! Stylist! Ibang level! Haha! And of course, I won’t say no. It’s an opportunity to try my skills.  Parang gusto ko ca-ri-reen (labo ng spelling ko) ‘to. Haha!

Model: Ruth Palivino

Stylist: Car

Hair & Make-up: Car





Random photos…



”When it is working, you completely go into another place; you’re tapping into things that are totally universal, completely beyond your ego and your own self. That’s what it’s all about.”

– Keith Haring


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