My Daily Make-Up Routine


I had mentioned from my last blog, Let The Beauty That We Love Be What We Do, the products that I am currently using every day. Those products are affordable, and I am comfortable to apply them on my face. I know they are many, but it gives me a natural finish which is perfect for my every day ordinary look.

Like the other girls, I also had pimples. I started to have that nightmare last year (2014) due to hormonal imbalance and eating unhealthy food. I suffered from so many pimples (as in soooo many), so when you see my bare face now, I have lots of pimple marks. I know it’s normal, but if you’re someone who didn’t experience to have when you were on your teen age, it will be hard for you. (really really really hard)

My skin is so sensitive. I can’t go out without putting something on my face, because I want to hide all the imperfection. Nakakababa din kasi ng self-esteem, sobra! 

Others say that girls who are not putting make-up are more beautiful. Yes, that’s true! I agree! Minsan nga kapag may nakikita akong sobrang kinis tapos walang make-up… nakaka-starstuck! But, not all the girls are lucky to have a flawless skin due to some reasons. So, I searched on the internet to check on the basic ways on how to have and maintain a flawless skin. Actually, those are really basic, yet very effective. I am sure that you already saw those steps, too, in Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites.

How to have Flawless Skin in a Week

  1. Determine your skin type
  2. Invest in a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and facial scrub suited to your skin type
  3. Buy an SPF 15+ sunscreen for daily use
  4. Use your face wash every day
  5. Wash off your makeup
  6. Eat properly
  7. Drink plenty of fluids
  8. Exercise
  9. Sleep

If you have the same skin type with me – which is oily I think, you can try my daily make-up routine.

Let’s start…

  1. Pond’s Flawless White – Dewy Rose Gel
  2. Pond’s Flawless White – Ultra Luminous Serum. It’s a vitamin on my face, same with Dewy Rose Gel.
  3. Etude House – Precious Mineral BB Cream/L’oreal Paris True Match BB Cream. It depends on what I like to use on that day. The Precious Mineral gives a lighter finish than the True Match. True Match shows natural finish. Parang wala kang nilagay. I am acidic, so usually the lighter one is better to use.
  4. Maybelline New York – Pure Concealer Mineral. I am using it on the circle of my eyes, and to hide my pimple marks.
  5. Maybelline New York – White Super Fresh powder foundation. I like it because it gives natural finish. I don’t need to retouch every now and then. I’m just using Clean & Clear oil-control film.
  6. Maybelline New York – Fashion Brow. My make-up is not complete without it.
  7. Maybelline New York – Color Show/L’oreal Paris Collection Star/Etude House – Dear Darling Tint. It depends on what I want to wear – my lipsticks and tint shades are red and pink. I haven’t tried the plum or orange shades yet. Maybe, next time.

So, there you are! You can now go out looking nice with your natural make-up. As you can see, my products are not so expensive. For me, you don’t actually need to buy expensive make-up just to look good, because it will always depends kung saan ka hiyang. When you find what’s suitable for your skin, just maintain it. Pero kung hindi ka naman maselan, you can change products as long as you want. Nahirapan din ako maghanap ng okay for me before. I have tried a lot (expensive and affordable), but it’s good to know that what I am currently using is perfect for my skin. Maybe, there could be other products that will satisfy me, too. I’ll just try to find it soon… I also want to try other brands like Mac, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Clinique, and Shiseido. Still, I have to be careful in choosing other products to avoid irritation.

That’s all! Thanks for visiting! Happy Holiday! 🙂




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