Still Searching

I was on my way back to Manila, and was browsing my phone. I checked on my notes just to have something to do because internet connection was really bad that time. Then, I saw a note with this – “It is not the length of life, but the depth of life” – to escape from getting bored, I wrote something about that tagline I can’t remember where I got.

I am having this kind of feeling since these past few weeks. I don’t know where it’s coming from. I don’t have any idea why I am having unexplainable emotions.

Matatapos na ang taong 2015, dalawang tulog nalang. Bakit nga kaya ngayon ko bigla naramdaman ‘to? Dahil ba kailangan ko na ‘tong iwan ngayong taon?

Ano kaya yung mangyayari sa 2016?

Let me share to you my thoughts about that tagline, and how it really makes me feel like this. Seriously, I can’t explain exactly how I feel as of this moment.

Life will always be meaningful if you know how to make it that way. But, are you aware how will you make your life meaningful, and as worthy as you want it to be? Have you ever tried to check your current status just to see how well you spent your life from the time you started to set goals or to have dreams? There are things that you want to happen, but it may or may not come true. Disappointing, right? I can feel it, sometimes. Maybe, there are things that will never happen, or things that will just happen if you give a try. Sometimes, you may wonder if what will be your life path, or is there anything that would give you a big shot. It’s normal to think for the time that your ordinary everyday life will totally change in just one day. Of course, when that happens, everything will never be the same as before, but for sure… it will be the start of your meaningful and worthy life.

In our life, we are not sure if things would be favorable or not. It’s something that makes you feel if tomorrow will give an excitement, or will just continue to be questionable. Life is like a playground. You can enjoy your time of being there, but it won’t always be enjoyable. You can get tired… You can have wounds… You can even get sad…

How well did I spend my entire life before getting into what I am now? I can’t say anything. It was just a normal journey that everyone out there has also experienced.

Literally normal… Literally ordinary…

“It is not the length of life, but the depth of life”

It’s been so many years, and I am not getting younger anymore. Still, I am hoping for something more that can happen in my life soon. So, I could say… that I’ve had a meaningful, worthy, and exciting lifetime that I could share to inspire others in the future.

Searching, Self


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