Come and Go

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Browsing my social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – every day is so ordinary, just to check on random things or to have something to read – of course, I make sure that it will always have sense. But last week was not ordinary knowing that it’s New Year’s Eve, because I’ve seen lots of interesting messages about their life experiences that inspire me to take time to think and reflect. I’m actually expecting for that kind of posts, anyway, especially on Facebook. I have read long and short meaningful messages, and it’s so nice to know how thankful they are with all the blessings they have received from last year. Meron pa nga akong nabasa na para daw may essay writing that time dahil sa mga status. Well… I like those messages because they expressed their deep thoughts to inspire and motivate others, and that gave me interest to read. Almost all of them, same with me, are looking forward for the New Year. There is also one common post that was shared by many last 31st of December saying… “Page 365 of 365.” – We have all reached the end page of the Chapter-2015 of our life; and it’s the perfect time to start with the next Chapter.

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It’s now 2016 (to be exact, 3rd day of January 2016) – a new year that we have something to look forward in to. I’m so excited for this year, not knowing what will really happen. I just feel excited. Kasi…. Baka… mangyayari na yung matagal ko nang hinihintay. Just giving myself positive thoughts and motivation as a fresh start for this year. Hehe! But really… Hopefully… there will be a door to open for that. Cutting first so much excitement, it could also be a great time to remember those important happenings throughout 2015. So many to look back from the previous year, but most of them is about new beginnings. It’s not yet all, actually, but it feels good that I have made it that way.

Random things had happened back then. There were things and chances that I regret; some that I decided to leave and forget; moments that brought me in sadness and disappointments; and so on. But as what we all know that life is like a wheel, it’s not all about down times, yet there are still good times. There were those happy memories that I will, and always remember in my entire life. Not to mention it all, but that happiness made my 2015 still a year to be thanked for. Life will never be as easy and as smooth as we want it to be, but if we know how to deal with it, there’s nothing to worry about. The bravery hiding in our deeper self will come out, and you’ll see how long and how far can you get – but of course, never forget that strongest weapon… Prayer. Some says that experiences have something to give you along your way. I absolutely agree with that! It made what I am now – someone keeping with positive mind, motivation, patience, and faith. Even I’m not yet the one I’m imagining as a very strong person, I know that time will come that I will be that one. I’m just patiently waiting for that perfect time that I will be put in a situation to be strong and firm. I have no ideas when, I just know it will come. For sure!

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Last year, I have learned to make a strong decision that I have to leave those unnecessary things in my life for a great start. Job well done for me, I guess. I know it’s the best thing to do, so I could really enjoy the next Chapters of my life. As what I’ve seen and experienced from the past – People may come and go. Things may happen, or may not. Dreams may come true, or will just disappoint you. I have put in mind that I should not always treat life that things will always be favorable, because with all honesty… it can also be unfair. You just have to know how to handle it. To keep moving on, I’m grateful and thankful for the year 2015 (better than my year 2014). I am now leaving that year, especially those sad moments I have been through. The last few months of that year were not so easy, because of so many happenings and challenges.

Still, I’m happy reaching the page 365 of 365 pages of that Chapter-2015 for all the good memories that I will never forget. Though many situations brought me in sadness, there is happiness in my heart, afterwards. Closing the last page of the previous Chapter has given me a chance to have a great start for the new one. And here I am now… starting with the first page. I hope that this new Chapter will be the start of the greatest and best year of my entire life. I have to say goodbye to you now 2015, and welcoming 2016 with a big hug! A new year to spend more wonderful days to cherish; lots of moments to treasure; and so many memories to share with.

Thank you 2015, and Goodbye!

I’m ready 2016. Happy New Year!


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