Throwback Tuesday


Thinking of fixing thoughts in my mind to write here

Wanting to go outside to buy snacks, but I’m so tinatamad

Loving boy band’s songs from 90’s and 2000’s that I am currently listening from Spotify

Wishing for my fast recovery, because this allergy really makes me so sick

Praying that one day… all my dreams and wishes will come true


Oh! Hello Tuesday! It is a nice day today. (I have to think positive) It is not just because I am on rest, but I am now recovering. Of course, I am so happy and thankful to God for making my body getting back to normal. I was really in a bad condition these past few days because of my known allergy, but wait! There’s more! I have an allergy to something else. (What a really bad news) I visited two hospitals because of that; and what my doctors said is that I should be very much aware and careful now. It actually means that I must visit them regularly. One big lesson learned? Always have a follow up check-up. Always! Don’t make things easy, because it can cause to something more serious. You will regret it, promise.

I will never forget that bad experienced. It did not make me sleep well at night for more than a week now. I must say… I did not enjoy the first week of my January 2016. (What a nice New Year to celebrate huh!) It is really disappointing, but I have nothing and no one to blame. (but myself) What a sad truth you know. Anyway, what is important now is that I’m okay and recovering. Thank you Lord so much! #TYL

I was all alone today, because they all went to work. I have to take a rest today until tomorrow for a full recovery, and on Thursday I have to get back to work to face my real world again. Actually, I also want to get back… I missed my friends in the office. They are sending me messages in Facebook and asking for my condition. It feels good. I miss many things; I’ll just make a catch-up when I get back.

Today, while getting bored of resting on my bed, I decided to write to make my day productive even I am sick. I am so bored here. You know! It feels so crazy that you have nothing to do if you know you can do even small things, right? I want to clean the whole room, actually, but I have to take a rest. I don’t want to get sick again.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

So while I am writing, I am currently listening to Boy band hits 90’s and 2000’s. It is a playlist created in Spotify. Those songs made me feel to have a Throwback Tuesday. Sobrang nakakamiss yung dati! Those times that I was still young and idolizing boy bands like Backstreet Boys, A1, NSYNC, Boyzone, Blue, and my all time favorite… Westlife. OMG! As in OMG! They are all so cool, you know! Hay… I missed those days… when all things were just fine, calm, and so right. It feels good to reminisce for those happy memories of your childhood days. Yung wala ka pang ibang iniisip na komplikado sa buhay kasi parang napaka-dali lang ng lahat. Kung, siguro, naisip ko lang na mag-video simula pa noon, mas masarap sigurong magbalik alaala ngayon, noh? Technology is everywhere now. Why don’t you take pictures and videos of everything wonderful around you, because you might feel the same like what I am feeling right now in the future.

I can still remember those days that every time I went home from school, I will open the television and switch channel to Net25. That was the best and perfect channel for me that time, aside from Cartoon Network, MTV, and HBO, because I feel like a singer. HAHA! I can easily memorize the songs because of that channel. I think it was the start that I got interest to singing and dancing. Hindi ko lang na-practice. Sayang! Hehe. Another lesson learned? If you have a talent, make something to improve it. Love your talent because it could also be your passion in the future, and having passion on what you do will give you an enjoyable and satisfying life. Many people discover what they want to do when it is already late. Late in a sense that they could be doing those things when they are still young… or when they have more time; and not like me that still spending time on searching. You are so lucky if you already find your passion in life. In reality, things will never be so easy to get and to find something. Even me, I have no idea what I really want to do yet for the rest of life. Things that I really want to do before I create my own family, and things I will do starting there.

One thing that I enjoy doing this time – usually on my free time – is to write something that is currently happening to me. It could also be random things (like what I am writing now) or could be things that I am keep on searching, knowing, or discovering. The next thing that I will do, I think, is to right a story. I want to create a story combining reality and something that it might or might not happen. I hope I could do that. Well… it is the best thing to do instead of just sleeping all day.

Oh! I finished all the songs in the playlist, and it’s already dark outside. I feel fine now. After listening to that kind of music while writing is so relaxing. Random thoughts come in my mind that I just want to share. Good advice for a person like me is to listen to your favorite music, and write everything that will come out. It will give you a feeling of calm and relaxation.

The last thing I could say now is that you have to cherish every day of your life. It’s not just because we don’t know the length of our life, but it will just be a waste if you won’t do something that you really want to do in your entire life. You might not discover it yet, but find and search for it. It will totally make you happy.

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