Every one of us experience to have a relationship that we even not sure if something started will actually have a happy ending. We know that certain person, who jumps from relationship to another, and every time we are there, we can say, “I am in love,” though we never know what is really going to happen. We take the risk, and we accept the possibility that things might not be favorable in some point; still it is what we choose… to stay. It is something what we feel; and for us, it is right and perfect. We don’t get bother if things would change soon, as long as we are happy today, we just let things happen (just go with the flow). Being in a perfect relationship (that is how we always look at it) can give us so many reasons to stay happy and motivated in everything.

I know while you are browsing the internet you’ve read some articles about being in a relationship (and being in love). We might have different reactions with that, but of course it is something connected with our own experiences. I want to share with you what I’ve read on one of the articles I just saw while browsing my Facebook. It is something about your true feeling of being in love or just being attached. It is for you to find out, but I could say that everything is a matter of choice. You can consider your current feelings; still you have to consider your future as well.

  1. Love is passionate, while attachment is apathetic.
  2. Love means selflessness, but attachment means self-centered.
  3. Love is freedom, yet attachment is possession.
  4. Love empowers each of you, and attachment just takes sides.
  5. Love has no time-limits, however, attachment is timed.

Have you just tried to look back in your relationship from the past, and say “I can’t believe that I loved that person? I can’t imagine that I’ve told that person ‘I love you.’” Just go back from the list I’ve shared with you, and I know you can have an answer. Like you, I also thought of that before. When I read this article, I had one reaction… I laughed (LOL). Same with me? Well… I guess so. I think that is normal, right? Just look in to the bright side.

Now, I can start with my second entry that I want to also share about my present partner (Hi! It is you again). Feel free to read my previous entry – Until The End. I remember one of my friends told me that she read my previous blog, and I was so happy to know her reaction. Of course it is positive, and I just feel happy knowing that others read it. Before, I like writing a long letter and just give it to him during special occasions, but I guess it is not my thing anymore. Instead of just letting him read all the things that I want to say, I just blog it. Maybe, I just want to have a new way of expressing myself (or another sweetest way to tell the world that I have you *smile*).


We all know that the feeling of being with someone we love is something unexplainable. No words can explain exactly about how you feel because the only thing you could say is you love that person. (“Why do you love him?” “because I love him.”) There were times before that my friends asked what kind of person I like to be with as my lifetime partner; and I just told them that I have no standard at all because in the first place I know that no one is perfect. What is important is his sincere feeling towards me, because it also means that he accepted all the flaws and imperfections that I have. Honestly, I have a very low self-esteem (most of the time, when it comes to my appearance). I can’t see myself as a girlfriend material that a guy will be proud of when he becomes my boyfriend. I don’t know. I just see myself not beautiful (I’m 100% honest here). I even see myself not capable of having one because I don’t have what the usual guy wants in a girl. I am just simple, a very simple, girl that you won’t even notice when you pass by (that is reality and I already accepted that). Anyway, it is just a part of being me. Even I have that kind of thinking before, it doesn’t really affect the whole me, especially… when I met him. Starting that day and until now, things are getting sweeter and perfect. Like what I’ve said earlier that now I have different plans. I was just setting goals for myself before, but this time I am sharing it with him. I am not going to walk alone while following the path going to the future, as I have chosen someone who will walk with me and decided to face everything together. Knowing each other plans and goals could give us a healthy relationship that could also help each other to achieve it. I know there could be a lot to go through along our journey, but I am ready to face all of it. As long as we are together, we can do everything.


Dear You,

Sometimes, I was not able to express my feelings, but it doesn’t mean that it is changing. It didn’t change, and it will never be. We’ve got separated before, but being together again is something more special. I am always going to tell you that life will never be easy, but it will never get hard because we are together. We just have to stay open, honest, and faithful. We might not know each other feeling sometimes, but keep in mind that I am here and always ready to listen. I know you’re doing the same, right?

There are times that we have a misunderstanding, but we both know that is it just a part of being together, and choosing to stay together. We just have to choose right. I don’t want you to feel that you are just attached to me, but I want you to feel that your love towards me is still there. And so am I.

I know that we’ve made a choice. We choose to stay together, though I know there is a sort of hard decisions that you’ve made. We both know that from the second time that we decided to be together again, we have to deal with more challenges that might come along our way. But as long as that is what you want, and that is what you choose… we never have to get worry about everything, right?

I want you to know that from the time I decided to let you have your happy life with your own journey, it is something that was hard to accept, but I have to. But now, I will never accept that because I know and hoping that we will stay as what we are today up to the future.

I’ve chosen you to be my other half. I’ve chosen the life path that I am going through with you. It is a matter of choice… and you are my choice.

I love you… each and every day of my life.

Love, Me 


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