Special Moments

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We were on my way back to Mandaluyong when I decided to write something for Valentine’s Day. I don’t want to get bored, so I thought for something interesting to publish on that special day. It is been a while that I haven’t posted anything here. I missed it! So, I am back and ready to share my thoughts with you. Our travel time was not long, so I wasn’t able to finish my writing. Obviously, I wasn’t able to publish it as well because it was really short, and I wanted to add something at the last part. I can’t think much to say that day, so starting February 14 until today I am organizing my thoughts to come up with this entry. I don’t want to change anything from what I wrote that time, so let’s just say that today is that exact day that I was supposed to publish it.

We actually made a plan on how are we going to spend the Valentine’s Day. Though we made a plan, I was still wondering what is really going to happen. While we were in a van, I was thinking for random things – like what would I see when we reach Quezon City. Though I knew I will see a lot of flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, etc – like the usual stuffs we are seeing every hearts day – I was like thinking if there would be something new that I could possibly see. But I guess, I won’t see anything new, and I was right with that.

Today is February 14, 2016 – Sunday, Valentine’s Day.

It is not an ordinary day for everyone especially to those who have a partner. Even there are some that just want to treat it like an ordinary day; we know that they will still feel how special the day is today. We have a lot of reasons and ways to make this day special. We have a lot of options, but I am actually seeing only two: 1. Stay at home the whole day, or 2. Go out. So, it is up to you. You can choose what will make you happy. Spend the day on what you want it to be. But if I were you, I will go out because as of this moment I am craving for tonkatsu and gelato. Hahaha! Hey! I know you want to eat somewhere too. Go! Enjoy this day! J But when you go out, just don’t be surprised if you will see lots of hearts everywhere. Haha! Like what I noticed, lots of couple go out somewhere – go to the mall, eat in their favorite restaurant, watch Deadpool (or any movie showing today), have some activity like going to an amusement park, or anything that you would think of. Well… I know they want to enjoy it that way. Many really want to spend this day with lots of love and fun, but I guess there are also who didn’t try to do the usual thing. Others would like to visit their partner in their house and celebrate it together with their family; or would like celebrate it with their friends. I think it is a good idea.

Another thing that makes this day special is because it is Sunday. Be thankful because you have a whole day to spend and do what you want, without thinking that tomorrow is going to be another busy day to all of us. Maybe you are also wondering how about those who are single. They have a lot of things to do with their family and friends. Sometimes they could make this day as their ME-time. They could go out and do whatever they want to do. It is time to pamper! 🙂 Today is not just for lovers, of course, this is for everyone.

How about you? Did you spend that day the way I said it or you’ve made something new and really special? Well… That’s great! You had another day to remember for the rest of your life. Better if you can write it down in your diary, so that special moment of your life won’t be forgotten. That kind of happiness is something to cherish and to share in the future. So, grab the chance! 🙂

I also want to share my valentine experience, but before that I want to greet you… Happy Valentine’s! *wink* be thankful that God gave us this precious heart to feel His love and the love of the people around us. #TYL

It’s time for me to share my valentine’s story. So, how did I spend that day? Hmm… We had a plan, and I just made a simple request. We went to the mall and we ate a lot. Literally… a lot! and I enjoyed it. Now is the perfect time to tell him everything that I actually want to tell him that day.

My Open Letter To The Person Who Loves Me | Vol. 3

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Dear You,

I know you were thinking on how you would really surprise me on that day. Honestly speaking, I was totally surprised… if you know what I mean. First, that you have a plan – we went out to celebrate the day together. Second, that you have a great plan – we had a food trip. Third, that you made me surprised… again and again and again – uhm, you know, that store 🙂 You have a very effective skill in surprising me because for the whole time I am totally clueless, until you said it to me. For all the things you’ve made for that day, I want to say… Thank you! But I am not just thankful on that day; there are so many days to be thankful of especially to Him. One of those is that He gave me you.

Thank you…
…for everything that you’ve done for me. Your actions and all that shows your love and care while we are together, means a lot to me. You know what, every time we go out I always wish that time would stop and let us just make that moment something to remember for the rest of our life. That is why I started collecting our happy memories by writing it here because I want to read it again when we get old. I don’t want to waste time and just forget every special moment that we’ve had and we are having. I hope that one day you could read all my open letters for you.

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Thank you…
…for making me happy and showing me your love in your extraordinary ways. I appreciate all of those effort and time that you spent just for me. With that, I want you to know how lucky I am because you came in to my life and now that I have you. I was never expected that someone like you is the one I am looking for. I was so grateful that God gave me you. I love and always love being with you because it is very comfortable, and there is no pressure to act a certain way. There are no awkward moments, and everything is full of surprises. Your kisses and hugs always make me feel that there is no reason for me to get tired and bored, because I am with you.

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I know there are times that I am actually hard to be with (I also feel the same). You fall in love with someone who has so many problems and I just want to say thank you! Thank you for being there for me despite that reasons not to. I have a lot of flaws that could push you away, but you are still there, trying to keep me.

You are the only person who knows how to make me forget all my worries. You are the only one who hates seeing me sad and crying. You are the only one who makes me feel really important. You are the only one who knows how to get a smile out of me on my bad days. You are the only one who is always there when no one else is around. You are the only one who makes me feel beautiful. You are everything to me. I am lucky because I have you.

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Happy Hearts Day Thart!
Thank you for this kilig post of you.
I love you!


Love, Me 🙂


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