Music to my ears


I was alone yesterday (and obviously I’m also bored), so I thought of trying something new. I was actually writing about my out of town trips while listening to music, but I more feel like singing. So, I searched for an app and I found one – it is SoundCloud. I created an account and tried to get familiarized in navigating it through my mobile phone and laptop; and because I’m also browsing my news feed on Facebook, I saw latest songs being repost by many, and many of it are song cover. Maybe, I could try that too. I think kaya ko naman din kantahin 🙂 (feeling confident lang. Lol)

Stay – Daryl Ong

I’m one of the many who loves the Teleserye On the Wings of Love. JaDine rocks! 🙂 and like you guys, I missed that teleserye too. That time that I will wait for the day’s episode to get uploaded on IWantV, and to watch it before I go to sleep. That kilig moments of James Reid and Nadine Lustre – Hay… Really worth remembering. They are my favorite love team today. So, one song that really makes me feel singing that time is Stay.

Love Yourself – Justine Bieber

The other song that I’ve tried is Love Yourself. I’ve watched lots of cover in YouTube and in Facebook, and I enjoy it! Especially the female version.

It was early in the morning; I guess it was around 9:00. I don’t care if people are just outside hearing my noise, because I really feel like singing yesterday. Haha! I know I don’t have that golden voice, but I really love to sing. I know you feel the same sometimes, right? 🙂

Why do I love to sing? Read my other blog – Currently Thinking | Vol. 1  – and feel free to read. So here’s my recorded songs. Hope you’ll like it! 🙂


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