Be Thankful, Always

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Happy weekend everyone! How is your day? You might be somewhere or you’re just staying at home. Every weekend is our only time to do whatever we want after our busy weekdays. Sometimes, I love to spend my weekend by going out with my friends but most of the time I like to stay at home to take a rest, especially when I don’t have enough sleep during the weekdays. Today I spent my morning by going out with Kim, but in the afternoon we went home. So, I have time to write and hoping to be productive today by finishing my other blogs that I wrote since last week.


Writing… about my thoughts last Holy Week

Thinking… what is going to happen for the coming weeks. Hope that nothing bad will happen

Hoping… that everything will be fine, knowing that it’s going to be a very busy week again at work

Wishing… that all my dreams will come true, despite of lot of challenges

Praying… that that someone will realize everything before it is too late

Since I finished this blog since last Holy Week, it is better not to change anything from it. Enjoy reading!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! How is your day? I know you are celebrating this day with your family and friends: You might be on the beach right now and enjoying that “vitamin sea”; or in a private resort to enjoy the place while still having a perfect time for relaxation. Or you chose to have a simple vacation by just going to the mall, just like what we did today; or just stay at home and spend the last day of this long weekend on your bed because tomorrow is going to be a busy day again for us especially to those who are working, like me. Good thing! I’m on leave tomorrow, so I have one day extension of my long weekend. I am actually planning to go somewhere tomorrow, and check what to do or to buy for myself. But of course, I am still thinking of that, like thinking for more than 100 times. Haha! I’m sometimes kuripot even to myself. My long weekend was actually nice because I had a chance to catch up with my bed and to take a good long sleep without thinking that I have to get up early the next day for work, because I don’t. Horay! Soooo happy! And whenever I have free time, I am just writing for anything that will comes to my mind. Yesterday, I actually write about our Bora trip that was happened last year and was supposed to publish it, but I guess I missed some things so I have to re-write some part of it. For now, I just thought of writing something about things that I should be thanked for. Knowing that it is Holy Week, this is the perfect time to meditate.


Because I received bonus and increase. It is my first time to experience it, as I wasn’t able to stayed for long in my previous job. Though it is not too big, it is fine. Really really fine! And I’m happy!

That mama, lola, and I had a chance to went out. We bought some stuffs, we ate and talked a lot. We had a great time to catch up for so many things that had happened from the past weeks.

Because I received expensive gifts from Kim’s mom. Yes! You read that right! E x p e n s i v e – because I actually can’t afford it. Haha! She is really generous, and she loves giving things to us. Thank you mama for everything!

That I can still manage stress from work and all. Despite all the things that I have to be done, I can still normally breathe. I’m just hoping that it won’t exceed my limit. If that happens, uhm I guess you know what I’m thinking. Haha!

That my friends (the true and real ones) are still there always asking how my life is going now. That is nice to know that many still care about you. I’m lucky to have you all. You know who you are. Thank you and I love you!


Because God let me enjoy every day of my life by giving me more time to see all His beautiful creations, and to enjoy my life to the fullest (but still with limitations). I am and will always be thankful to Him for putting me in a right place, and from here, I would be able to receive His blessings.

Today is Easter Sunday. Like you, I’m happily celebrating this day because God rise again. Knowing all His sacrifices just to forgive us from all our sins, be thankful, and never forget to always ask for forgiveness. He always listens. How about you? Have you tried to meditate today or any day this Holy Week? I guess, you can also try it not just for this season but every day. It feels so good after doing it, and it makes me feel refresh. We need to feel relax and to have some peace of mind every now and then. I know that is also what God wants us to do.

Take time to make something for your body, mind, and soul.

Have a great weekend!


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