Reasonable, but unacceptable


Behind those words, I actually wanna say “what are you actually doing when I am not around?”

“Have you ever tried to think of the most special person in your life before you do something unacceptable?”

“Is there a thought of you saying that you should not feel the peer pressure?”

“Have you ever wondered to avoid things that might hurt the feeling of your love one?”

There are so many things playing in everyone’s mind right now, and I hope that my intention would really make you feel how it feels to be on that specific situation. Have you felt it? What did you do? Did you freak out or stay calm? Well… I want you to know that you are free to feel what you really want to feel. You can say whatever you want to say. Maybe you want to ask me, “Can I just let it go? Can I just stay calm and make things go back to normal?” Yes! Sure! It is up to you. You can stay that way, and you can also think. But remember – don’t think too much, don’t stay calm if you are not, don’t let it go, because if you know that you have the right to feel that way… then, show it. Let them feel that that is what you feel. Let them know how you feel about it.

These past few days (which is actually just a normal days) made me think to write something about the feeling of being not around. I also read an article about how life has been ruined by just a one simple mistake. A lot of stories I was in the mood to read, and now I am asking myself “Why am I reading such kind of stories?” Oh well… It is not a bad thing to read sad or hurtful stories anyway. It is something that you have to know in this kind of world. Have you tried to read one? You can try, especially if you have time to think about things that might or might not happen to the people around you (your friends, your family) or even to you. It is not a warning (Haha!), so you don’t have to get worried. It is just an additional knowledge for you to see how real world is going in our current generation.

Going back to my questions on the first part, is there instances that you ask yourself with the same questions? Maybe yes, or maybe not. Looking at it at the first time will make you think and ask that it is perfectly related to those who are in a relationship right now. Yes, you are right on that. But, it can also be with your closest friends and family, right? It is all about how important you really are to those people you treated so special. For some people, this should not be the basis, but for some it could be. It all depends on what situation you are currently in, and what would you feel on that particular moment. Just always remember that you have the freedom to express your feelings, but you have to stay focus as well.

I am not going to finish my thoughts about how and why I came up with those questions, as I want to stay if open and make those people think how it really feels to be on that situation.

Like what I said earlier, even I let these questions open… don’t think too much. Let your emotion says it all.


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