18th of July


Those eyes that always give the best meaning without words to be spoken.
Those lips that always express and tell the truth.
Those shoulders that always there to lean on in bad and good times.
Those arms and hands holding yours so tight expressing the care and safety.
The heart that showing how true and pure it is.
Everything gives you the smile on your face because of how lovely and faithful that feeling from someone towards you.

Perfect days to capture and to always remember.
Bright days and dark nights nothing to be worried about because of the promises.
Whispering sweet and sincere words that always remind you how true the feelings is.
Such a wonderful moment to treasure and to cherish.
Forever is something you always wanted to say.

Being thankful for that moment in your life.
Prayers always been answered.
Blessings that never stop and continuously pouring.
Such a great and perfect life you are always proud of.
Mind, heart, and spirit just for that one.

18th of July will always stay as it is, but every 18th of July creates new and wonderful memories.
Days, weeks, months, and years of being together that starts creating new chapters.
Happiness that already found.
It is the 4th year and love will be stronger and will never be broken.

Happy Anniversary!









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