Great time last December


I was looking at my draft and found this one. I guess I was supposed to add more details that is why I didn’t post it last December. Anyway, just added a few details but more photos on it. I also won’t change anything and publish it as it is. I am happy to share that great moment I’ve had with my friends and how we enjoy the after party all night long. *wink*

Yey! It’s December! I can smell the spirit of Christmas! 9 days to go…

I’m so excited every time this month is coming. We all know that many exciting events are going to be part of our list during this time; and mine was this one that had happened last December 12, 2015. It is our Year-End party!!! It was a great night and actually a crazy one because that night had lots of fun! My friends and I enjoyed the place and of course the food that were perfectly served. After the party, we went to Music Bank located in Macapagal to enjoy the rest of the night.

Before attending that event, we went to Mien’s place to prepare. I’m the one who did their make-up. I made it as simple, yet elegant as possible. I’m just not sure if I made it really like that. (Haha! I honestly know that I need to have more practice. Sorry guys for the result.)

At Mien’s Place


Thanks Leah for these stolen shots 🙂


12th of December, 2015

At Marriot Grand Ballroom, Resorts World Manila

Our Year-End Party






At Music Bank, Macapagal

Party after the party!


It’s my selfie time. Haha!

Thanks Leah and Thea for these photos 🙂






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