Precious Gift


Hello September! Good to see you! Hope that you’ll bring lots of happiness to everyone!

I’m actually in a good mood today. I woke up a little early, but it feels good because I had enough sleep last night (I guess 8 or 9  hours). I don’t feel lazy today (actually I don’t know why), so I decided to list down the things I can do to spend this 1st day of September.

To Do:

  1. Clean the place (the usual thing I need to do esp when I’m just home)
  2. Draw something (as I bought a sketch book yesterday)
  3. Visit my Blog (check drafts, make new, publish 1 or 2 today)
  4. Go to nearest drugstore
  5. Watch W (this Kdrama inspires me to draw)

I’m just hoping that I can do all those things today. I’m actually done with #2, and I’m currently doing #3. So I guess, I can do the rest later when I’m done here.

I was checking my previous blogs and saw that I’ve posted something about my interest when it comes to drawing. Feel free to read my blog – Let The Beauty That We Love Be What We Do. I wasn’t able to include there my drawings as I don’t have one before (I lost my sketch pad and other art materials when we transferred places), so now is the best time to show it to you because I bought a new one yesterday. Like what I said before, I’m not really a pro when it comes to this thing, I just know how but I’m not much into details, still I’m definitely and will always be grateful for having this talent 🙂

I posted them as well in my Instagram account. Hope you’ll like it!







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