Currently Thinking | Vol. 4


So, I just realized that the last Currently Thinking blog I posted was last January, when I’m having a hard time to go to sleep. I also remember how unlucky I was that month because of the first time (hopefully the last time) bad experienced that I prayed not to happen again. I wasn’t able to tell the story about that yet, because I’m trying to control myself to drop improper words (that I’m obviously avoiding) and because it’s not a good time for me I can’t decide if I want to tell that story or should I just forget it. Anyway, I’m fine now, so I guess I can write that soon. I want others to be aware of something like that (if in case it will happens to you, but I hope not), so it can be avoided as soon as possible. But it was kinda a long story so I’m not sure when I can actually share it with you.

Alright! It’s already October! After checking my blog site, I only had one entry last September (sad to say… *sigh*). Today, I’m actually about to check on something, but I ended up writing (and you’re reading it now. Lol). I miss it! It’s been a long time (super duper sad face to the unlimited level). I have so many things in mind that I would love to share, but I hope that I could share them all soon (within this month), so I can still capture all the details especially the important one.


Thinking of sharing my thoughts about things happened these past few weeks related to my new job.

Wanting to write more tonight, but it’s too late.

Wishing that I could have more time to write and share to you all the happenings in my life. I’m saying all – good and even bad experiences.

Praying that everyone will have sweet dreams tonight. *wink*

So, here we go!

I had two weeks before I started to work with the new one during the first half of September. Few days to go and I’m gonna celebrate my first month (Haha!). Time flies so fast! To make the story short, it seems that my (almost) one month of stay, especially being with my team mates, is kinda funny. Yes! I’m using the word funny here (Lol). Of course, you’re gonna ask me why. Even we all have different personalities; there is/are something in common. Like what one of them said: “Kapag tinitignan ko yung pictures natin, para lang tayong magkakapatid” (not the exact word, but something like that); and I guess that I have to agree with that. It’s like doing the similar things siblings are literally doing – “asaran at kulitan” time. This is a first time that I experienced that kind of no-adjustment-period. Yes! Literally! (Lol). It seems like we know each other since birth. How cool it is right? (Haha!). So, I could say that as of the moment, my stay with my company and set of new friends is really fun. I’m not sure if it is right to mentioned them here or introduce them to you, so I decided not to (Lol).

I just hope that my stay would always be fun and exciting, even the time comes that we will be all very busy.

Goodnight all! Have a great weekend! *wink*


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