Buwan Ng Wika


It was unexpected, yet a very nice experience. It was my first time to participate in this kind of event (for those who know me will understand. Lol), and I never thought that it will be really fun and exciting.

Every month of August, we celebrate what we called Buwan Ng Wika here in the Philippines. It is one of the exciting and most awaited activities in school. But nowadays, this activity is not only done in school as it’s also part of extracurricular activity in some companies.

Buwan ng Wika

Ito ang pinalawig na pagdiriwang ng Linggo ng Wika na pinalawig noong Enero 151997 sa pamamagitan ng Proklamasyong Bilang 1041 ni dating Pangulong Fidel V. Ramos. Kadalasang ipinagdiriwang ang Buwan ng Wika sa mga paaralan. Kaugnay nito, maraming mga kaganapan ang ginagawa upang ipagdiwang ito, gaya ng sabayang pagbigkas, balagtasan, paggawa ng slogan, paggawa ng mga sanaysay pagbigkas ng mga tula, pagsasayaw ng mga katutubong sayaw at pag-awit ng mga katutubong awit.

Source: Wikipedia

So last August 25, we participated in an activity where in each team have one representative and should wear Filipiniana costume but created with recycled materials. We started planning and preparing for just a short period of time, but I never expected for this great result. Sobrang ganda at galing nung concept. Did you know that I’m just wearing shorts and tube, and everything are made of papers (pamphlets, magazines, brochure) na pinagtagpi-tagpi using glue gun, scotch tape and stapler. They are so creative! Basta ang galing!



Special thanks to our planner and costume designer Steve Adanza for his time and effort for this competition; and of course, to the whole cast of Team Elizabeth for their participation and cooperation, especially to those who assists me from the start until the end of the event (Lol) – Joy, Bern, Sarah, Yvette, and the others (Sorry if I can’t remember the other names). All of them are so nice and friendly. I really enjoy this activity, even it’s the last time that I’m going to do that for them (Hehe!). I’m just hoping for a successful one again for their next event. Cheers!




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