Street Tacos ~ Posporo | Hole in the Wall


Like what I promised that I’m gonna start sharing food that I’ve tried for the first time, and of course to give some thoughts how does it taste. If only I thought about writing it long time ago (Haha! Maka-long time naman ako), it won’t get hard for me to remember and share it to my friends. Well… Sorry na! Hehe! I just remember the time when my friends asking me~

“Hey! Where is that place?”

“Is the food nice?”

“How does it taste?”

“How much is that?”

Blah… Blah… Blah… And I was like – “Uhm, Ah… Eh… Nakalimutan ko na. Sorry.” Sayang diba? Imbis na nakatulong ako to market the good food to others, wala na. Hahaha! So that’s why I’m writing it today. If ever that I can still remember the others, will just write it then. *wink*

I can’t deny (and I will never!) how happy I am when I hear the word “food.” Sometimes, I’m just laughing at myself when someone ask me “gutom ka na? kain na tayo?” and my answer is always “TARA!” Haha! Yung walang alinlangan. I’m just being honest, and being like that is better right? Kaysa magutom ako. Haha!


Okay! So today, I’m gonna share a kind of Mexican food which became my favorite when it was introduced by my boyfriend. Thanks to him, because of his love of trying new food, I’m not afraid to explore now. *thumbs up!*

Then during my first week in my new work, one of my colleagues – Mark, treat us for lunch. We decided to explore Makati, so we went to Century Mall. It was my second time to go there, as Kim brought me there before that week. We went straight to Hole in the Wall. It is really a nice place to visit if you want something new to try, at the same time, you’ll enjoy eating for its cozy ambiance. Because I’ve been there last time, I went straight to Posporo (Taqueria Filipina) to try their tacos. I enjoyed ordering because you have two steps to reach your happiness (Lol).


My Order:

Step 1 – Choose your Plate: Street Tacos (3 Tacos)

Step 2 – Choose your Meat:

  1. Sarsi Adobo Carnitas
  2. Chicken Inasal
  3. Beef Cabeza

Total Price: ₱340

Serving Size: Good for 1 (Good for me only. Lol)

Feedback: Delicious! Must Try! Recommended! Image result for okay sign emoji yellow

Rating: Stars

Location: 4th Floor Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City

Store Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 11:00am–10:00pm
Friday to Saturday: 11:00am–12:00am
Smoky Bastard closes one hour later.



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