Hanjuku Cheese & Saku Saku Chocolate ~ Kumori


Since I was young, I’m a fan of Japanese food. Mama worked in Japan for a very long time, and I was influenced by her. Every time she went back here in the Philippines for a quick vacation, we always eat in a Japanese restaurant. The only thing I didn’t get from her is to learn that language. It’s normal that she can speak well because she lived there for more than 20 years. I was about to study Japanese before, but I was not able to pursue it. Maybe, because I was not yet serious during that time to learn new language aside from English which is mandatory in school. But even I can’t speak Japanese; I never stop loving and being satisfied with their kind of food. I really love it. Aside from Japanese food, I also love Korean and Mexican food. Hmm… You know what; there is something behind those favorite foods. I just realize that those are the very special persons in my life. When someone asks me, why do I love Japanese/Korean/Mexican food? I will say one name for each ~ Japanese is because of mama, Korean is because of Ruth, and Mexican is because of Kim. If you read some of my previous blogs, you’ll find out who they are. *wink*

I guess you already have an idea what am I going to tell you today. Yes, something related to my favorite food. But today, it is not just about Tempura, Sushi, and the like. It is something about breads and pastries that I am happy to recommend to everyone.

So, last time after eating dinner, I was like craving for something to eat like a dessert. I don’t have anything in mind so I just looked around in Landmark, Makati. We have plans to go to the Supermarket for grocery, as we don’t have time to do that on the next day. As we walked around, I saw something new. The kiosk looks really interesting because of its bright and attractive color. Yellow! My favorite color! And that is Kumori, a Japanese bakery. Everything is cute and creative. They all look so delicious. I was like wanting to try and buy them all.

I checked the entire best seller and observed what were usually bought at the counter. You will easily notice that they have lots of cheesecake, so I guess that is their main product. It’s also late that time, and the mall will be closed very soon, so they also have 50% off for other breads. I bought 1 box of Hanjuku Cheese and 1 Saku Saku Chocolate Slice. I’m so curious for its taste and I can’t way to try it at home, so we ate some at the food court.

Hanjuku Cheese~
₱48.00 each

I like it! It’s not too sweet. It’s very soft, fluffy, cheesy, and flavorful. I enjoy eating that one, and I can’t help myself but fall in love with that cheesecake.

Saku Saku Chocolate Slice~
₱120.00 each

It’s yummy! You’ll love it too, especially if you’re a fun of chocolates and sweets.


I highly suggest you to try it, and feel free to share your thoughts as well.




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