We Love Korean Food | Sariwon Korean Restaurant | Part 1


I’m actually not feeling well since yesterday, so the only thing I can do is to stay in bed and sleep a lot. Literally, a lot! It’s almost 6:00PM and I’m still in bed. Haaay… I have nothing to do because I don’t feel like doing anything. My body is so weak. Sigh. So I just get my phone to check for any messages, and randomly browse for anything to read. I’m also bored. Then, I check my phone gallery; I saw a lot of photos that I was planning to blog soon. Most of them are food that I’ve tried in many different places here in Manila. After some time, I saw a notification that my phone has insufficient storage. So, I got the laptop to transfer all the stuffs, and I just thought of posting some entries today.

I want to start sharing my experienced in some of the restaurants I would also love to recommend with you. If you have been reading my previous blogs, you definitely know my likes for now. By the way, I’m happy to see again today! So, what I’m thinking to write as of this moment is about the Korean Restaurants that I visited few weeks ago. For now, I’ve tried 3 Korean Restaurants located in High Street BGC, Greenbelt Makati, and Edsa Shangri-la Mall. I’m also thinking to share my thoughts about all the Korean Dramas I’ve watched, but honestly that’s too many to blog, so I guess I will just start with the recent one which is still fresh in my mind, and will just write some that I can still remember soon. I know, especially to those who love them too, you’ll understand the feeling when one Korean Drama ended. It’s hard to move on, right? And even there are so many new releases Dramas out there, it’s not easy to start a new one. Haha! Well… that’s how I exactly feel every time I finished one and wanted to start with the new one. This is really unexplainable, yet overwhelming feeling that only Korean fans out there will understand. Anyway, I will keep those thoughts about Korean Dramas for the mean time, and will just focus on what I’m actually going to write here today…

Korean Food!!!

Have you tried to eat in a Korean Restaurants? I guess yes, especially if you’re also a Korean fan like me. I’m not into KPop, I’m more on watching Korean Dramas. Hmm… Have you already visited Korea? If yes, I envy you. If no, well… we still have time to plan for it and make it happen soon, right? *wink* I guess visiting their country is the missing part in my puzzle. I hope I can go there soon; and some part of me saying… I hope I could also see some of them when I visit their country. Hihi. I’m not yet planning about it, but I’m still looking forward for the possibility that my bucket list will eventually come true.

Last October, I noticed how much I craved for Korean food. Maybe because I started watching new Korean Dramas again, so it feels like wanting me to try what they usually eat in the drama. Actually, the 2 things that I really want to try eating their special marinated beef wrapped in lettuce while drinking Soju. I’m actually thinking how it tastes. That’s the usual scene in the drama, if you’ll notice, and every time I watch that part it looks so delicious. Isn’t it? Well… Let’s see.

If you read my previous blog about my date with my Best Friend, I mentioned there that we ate in a Korean Restaurant in BGC. So, let’s start with:

Sariwon Korean Restaurant – BGC

October 22, 2016

Upon reading some reviews about this restaurant just recently, I found out that it is a popular restaurant in South Korea. Though I haven’t been in Korea yet, I guess this restaurant will make you experience the authentic Korean Cuisine, especially when it comes to their barbeque; and I totally agreed!

We haven’t heard about this restaurant before, and picking this one to try for our dinner was a great choice indeed. The place and the ambiance is pretty much Korean. It feels like we really want to visit Korea for real, soon.

Before we enter the restaurant, they have menu available outside. While checking it, one of the staffs accommodate us by asking if that was our first time and recommended a meal good for two which is also their best seller. We chose the Galbi Set.


While waiting for our meal to be served, the staff put a small something on our table and pours it with hot water, then it became a small wet towels. That’s cute! Haha! Then, we were served with a delicious tea. We enjoyed the time while waiting because of the music played – mostly are Korean Dramas instrumental OST. So, my best friend and I were like guessing from what Korean Drama the music is currently playing. It’s fun!

And now… let me share to you this mouthwatering food we ordered.



(Hangul: 반찬; hanja: 飯饌; English pronunciation: /ˈbɑːntʃɑːn/; also spelled panch’an) refers to small dishes of food served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine)

Like other Korean restaurants, the banchan they served us are Kimchi, Radish, Spinach, Cucumber, Peanuts, Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin Mash, and Sariwon’s House Salad. All are refillable.


Galbi Set (Good for 2)

It comes with Wang galbi, dak galbi, mandu, doenjang chigae, gyeranjjim, dolsot bibimbap.

Galbi is something you should never miss when dining at this restaurant. This marinated beef ribs were perfectly done juicy and tender. By the way, we requested to cook it well done, as that’s what we prefer.  It was really fun watching it while being grilled in front of you and it smells really really good. We love it!

After it was grilled, we enjoyed wrapping it in lettuce along with some side dishes and soybean paste. It’s so delicious!

Other than that, we were also served with Bibimbap. It is our rice meal with veggies and egg on top. It was mixed and divided into two for us by the server. To enjoy it, let them add some chili paste. You’ll like it better. We also have what they called Dak Gabli, it is a dish made by stir-frying marinated chicken in a chili pepper paste based sauce. It’s kinda spicy but we like it! We have dumpling (Mandu), Soybean Paste Stew (Doenjang Chigae), and Steamed Egg (Gyeranjjim) too. Can you imagine how many food we have on our table and we are only two? Hahaha! Well… we didn’t finish it in one seat. We really can’t, so we just brought the excess home.

We also ordered Soju, because I requested one to try it with her. Luckily, she likes it. Hehe! I’m not much into alcoholic drinks now. So, I don’t enjoy drinking one most of the time.

So, that’s our Sariwon experience! All in all, service was really great.  It was our first time, and I can say that we will be coming back there next time to try the other dishes.

I know you’ll notice the price which is kinda pricey, but you’ll love them all; and I guess the price is just right for that delicious food. Craving satisfied! Goal achieved! We enjoyed our stay for almost 3 hours. They accommodate us very well; and the server even initiates to take us photos. Gamsahabnida! Actually, the time was short for us, but we need to go because we still have other plans for that day aside from eating a lot. Haha!


I recommend it to everyone, and feel free to share your thoughts as well.


Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Opening hours:

11 AM to 11 PM




I would love to share with you the other Korean Restaurants I’ve tried on my next blog.

To be continued…




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