Corn and Coleslaw Plate ~ Bad Bird | Hole in the Wall

Trying something new is really fun and exciting, especially if you’re with those people who also love to eat. Normally during payday, is a perfect time to treat yourself by going out for lunch or dinner. Before, the first thing that usually comes into our mind is to eat in a buffet restaurant. Well… because they serve different kinds of cuisines like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and our very own Filipino food that you’ll definitely enjoy. But now, there is a good new place you can try that also serves different kinds of cuisines, but they are in an individual stall. One of those is Hole in the Wall located in Century Mall, Makati.  It is more likely a new type of food court where the place is designed more creatively, with a lot of different dishes that you could choose from that claimed to be cooked by best chefs in Manila. The ambiance is cozy and the prices of all the food is really affordable. You can eat twice or thrice a week, or even everyday here.

If you have read my previous blog about Street Tacos I ordered in Posporo, this time I’m going to share with you our experience with the Fried Chicken we ordered in Bad Bird. You can try them both in Hole in the Wall.


When we saw Bad Bird, we’ve noticed the long line that targeted our curiosity; and when you came near, you can smell the fried chicken that is really tempting and mouthwatering. So, we decided to have our lunch there. When you check their menu, they serve two Fried Chicken per plate with variations of spiciness – Safe, Spicy, and Chemical. Also, they have 3 options you can choose from – Waffle Plate, Corn and Coleslaw Plate, or Dirty Rice Plate.



The two guys with me chose Dirty Rice Plate with spicy and chemical spiciness level. It comes with two Fried Chicken, Fried rice with Bacon, Chicken liver, Tamago Bonito Flakes/Kimchi. While, I chose Corn and Coleslaw Plate with the safe level. It comes with two Fried Chicken, Corn in a stick with Kewpie, Cheese, Bonito Flakes, and Togarashi/Kimchi coleslaw. Bad Bird is known for huge serving, and I definitely agree! Hehe.


Corn and Coleslaw Plate


Dirty Rice Plate

The chicken is crunchy, juicy, and absolutely flavorful. It is really delicious. Its spiciness spread all over the chicken skin, and the meat is perfectly tender and satisfying. I like it! Aside from my 2 big cut chicken, I also have sweet corn on stick and coleslaw on the side. Serving is good for one person, but if you’re not like me, I guess you can find one to share with you. Lol. We spent ₱350 ($1.7) each, and for me that is a reasonable price for a satisfying meal. I will definitely order here again next time to try the other plates. I highly recommend Bad Bird, especially if you love chicken a lot, like I do. *wink*

Hole in the Wall, Fourth Floor, Century City Mall
Opening Hours
11 AM to 10 PM

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