My Special Day (11/02)


OMG! I really missed writing! It was November when I last posted an entry. Haaay… Why I’m so busy? IDK (I don’t know). Oh well… I’m glad that I’m back. I have so many stories to tell you. I’m so happy that I have time to write something for today. I should grab this chance because I can’t tell when I can have time again. It is not actually hard for me to write, but I prefer some time (like for being totally alone in a place) because I want to share all my thoughts and put my heart on it. Alright! Before I start, I think I should write the other topics that I like to post next time.

  • Matgalne Korean Cuisine and Grill
  • Christmas celebration with my family
  • Staycation with my mama
  • Korean Makeup and Skin Care Products
  • Korean Dramas

There were so many happenings recently, but I guess I should just keep them to myself for the mean time. I’m sorry for myself for being too much busy these past few weeks. So today, let’s talk about my special day / my birthday.

It was last November 2, 2016 and we celebrated it together with Kim and with our couple friends. I actually don’t have much plan for that, but I want to congratulate myself because I managed to spend just enough for that day and I totally enjoyed it. In general, this year taught me on how to handle my budget properly. I also learned to buy only things I need than I want, but there were cases that I still bought things I want and eventually becomes my need (still good for me). Kim planned it very well, and I was really surprised with that. Before my birthday, he actually surprised me with his advance gift. We were walking around the mall when we went inside Lacoste store. I thought he will buy something for him, but he went straight to the bags section and grabbed one for me. Kinilig talaga ako. Haha! Honestly, he is really great in surprising me. He never ever fails in making one for me.


Another surprised was when my teammates gave me a cake. Thank you guys for making an effort for this one. I really appreciate it! 🙂 Thanks also to Bulgogi Brothers staffs for singing a Happy Birthday song for me. That was really cute! Hehe! 🙂

So, let’s now talk about the main event. My Birthdaaaaaaay! Kim and I went to Tagaytay. We prepared early morning, so we could have breakfast there. We went to Bag of Beans. It was raining and kinda long drive. We were both hungry, so we were not able to go to Bag of Beans Twin Lakes which was recommended by our friends. We just went to their branch at Aguinaldo Highway. The place looks so nice because of its simple all white motif. We chose first the table inside because there were no other available tables outside that time. But luckily after a few minutes, one family seated outside where the only table covered already done, so we transferred. Okay! We were very hungry, so we asked immediately for the menu and just ordered as many foods as we want.


Literally, we ordered a lot! Good thing that we stayed for a longer time, so we can still managed to finish most of the food. With regards to the food we ordered, I want to tell you honestly that there is nothing so special with it. Also, the serving is big so I guess it is good for sharing. I’m still not sure because it might be good for one to others. Wait! I’m not saying that food is not good, because it is really good and a lot. But if you are someone who is also a picky when it comes to food (like me), it is not like that. And by the way, I’m a person who loves Korean, Japanese, and Mexican cuisines, so American or other cuisines are just so so for me. You still need to try it and see for yourself 🙂 don’t judge me, okay? Haha!

Hmm… I actually enjoyed our breakfast because of its cozy ambiance. But, I will be happier if they gave me something even like a small dessert because if I can still remember Kim even told the waiter that it was by birthday. I just want to be treated extra special on that day. Hehe! Sorry, I’m just being spoiled sometimes :p

I’m not sure how long exactly we’ve stayed, but after having breakfast we went to Picnic Grove. We just walked and explored the place even it is raining and we are wearing our white shoes. Haaaay… We never expected that it will be raining everywhere we go, except when we went back to Manila. We spent maybe less than an hour in the place and I requested to go to Victoria’s Secret at Resorts World Manila  (because I’m longing for my favorite scent). Then, we went to MOA (Mall of Asia) and looked around as there could be things we need to buy. At night, we went to Music Bank and invited our couple friends.


So, that’s it! It was a long day, but everything was really special. We got tired when we went home… a lot! But, I’m happy and very much satisfied for Kim’s effort – Thank you so much Thart! You’re really the best. I love you!img_2378

To all those people who greeted me on my Birthday, I want to say thank you. I also wish for all the best in my life, and to all of you. I am and will always be thankful to God that He gave me another year to spend with my family, friends, and special someone.


Happy 27th Birthday to me! 🙂



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