We Love Korean Food | Matgalne Korean Cuisine and Grill | Part 2


As promised in my previous blog, My Special Day (11/02), that I’ll write about other restaurants offering Korean cuisine. Aside from my love for Korean dramas and Korean products, this is another thing I’m currently always obsessed with. I honestly say that before, I hate spicy food, until I finally gave a try. I can recall when my friend said, “If you like Korean dramas, you must also try their food. So, you can really have that #KoreanFeels.” Lol. That makes sense, right? Haha!

I discovered a lot of Korean restaurants within the town, and I’ve tried some of them. I wasn’t able to post them all, but I’ll make sure to write the best ones from now on. So, here’s my experienced with the newly discovered Korean restaurants where you can have that #KoreanFeels; and at the same time, you don’t have to spend a lot.



That restaurant is Matgalne Korean Cuisine and Grill located in Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Edsa, Mandaluyong City. My first visit was actually not that nice, as well as the second one. Even so, I still chose to come back because of the food; and during my next visits, I noticed a lot of changes. There were also new staffs, and their service is not disappointing anymore. Okay! I think it’s my turn to say something about those experiences from that restaurant.

It was already dinner time, and we were looking for a place to eat, until we’ve noticed this Korean restaurant. I looked around the place and it seems to be interesting to try. Afterwards, I checked their menu, located near the entrance, if it was a good choice for that night. Meanwhile, the receptionist/waitress approached me. She was nice and smiling while we were having conversation about their best sellers, until we decided to have our dinner there. So, she offered us a seat, I ordered, and it was served. When our beef arrived to our table, she offered to cook it in front of us; and then of course, I thanked her. That was our first time, so I actually didn’t have much idea about their service and all. After that, I noticed the other waitress having that uncomfortable facial expression towards us, specifically to the waitress who was cooking our food, that made me feel a lil’ bit irritated. I just ignored it. Okay! I will try to understand your gesture, girl huh!

Then, here comes the second visit. This time, I did the cooking/grilling part; however, there’s another noticeable act again. The restaurant is serving refillable side dishes as part of the meal, so expect that we will ask for a refill from time to time. Still, I saw that uncomfortable facial expression from the same person, and this time, with the other waitresses. Hmm… What is wrong with you guys? IDK (I don’t know). So there, It was really not a good experienced, but I managed to keep quiet and let it go (Let it gooo! Let it gooo! Can’t hold it back anymore… Let it gooo! Let it gooo! Turn away and slam the door! LOL). Haha! Sorry for that, I’m just trying to change the mood. HAHA! Going back… I actually want to understand, maybe they were just tired or whatever reasons they have. I just hope that it won’t happen again. Hey! Don’t take it seriously. I told you, they changed. Haha!

After some time, we came back; and that time, it was totally different. My third visit was with my friends. I recommended that place for our dinner date. Luckily, everything was fine. Honestly, I’m a type of person who used to react with anything or everything, especially when I got irritated or pissed off, but it was good that I managed to control it that time. Oh well. Let’s forget about it. Hehe!

Then, the next and next and next visit seems very fine. Of course, I already know the service, and all. I really like the food and I can’t help it. Haha! All in all, the food is perfectly delicious for me, and I can say that I would love to still visit that restaurant.

Now, I will tell you why I love coming back despite of that experienced. Well… in short, the food is really good and the price is really affordable. Here’s what we usually order:

  • Samgyeopsal
  • Woo Samgyeop
  • Ramyeon (Spicy)
  • Kimbap

Then, you’ll also get refillable side dishes. They always have a variety of side dishes for every visit, as what I observed. Well… that’s good 🙂 It is a good strategy, so the customers can try something else.




So, let me share with you my thoughts about the dishes.

Samgyeopsal is a marinated pork belly. It’s better to eat right after it was grilled, so it is still tender and tasty. Woo Samgyeop is a marinated beef belly, which is my favorite. It is thin and tasty. Ramyeon seems to be an ordinary Korean noodle with some veggies to make it more special. Kimbap is also not that special for me.

The best way to enjoy your food is when you wrap everything in a lettuce. So, you’ll put 1-2 pieces of the pork or beef, then add some special sauce. Also, you can add all the side dishes to make it flavorful. But you don’t have to put everything, literally… you won’t be able to swallow and chew it properly. Haha! Okay? And then, you should keep in mind to eat slowly. You have to enjoy every single moment and every lettuce with lots of something in it, and have time to breathe. Lol. Talk to someone you are with. Haha!

When you’re finish, don’t forget to ask for a house tea. It can help you with your digestion 🙂 And tadaaaaa… After eating a lot, you’ll just pay for a very small amount. Who’s not going to be happy with that, right? 🙂

So, that’s the whole story. That’s why I still want to go back there. For every meal, we are just paying 600-700Php or 300-350Php each (12-14 USD). Perfect! I highly recommend that you visit this restaurant too, and we will be happy to hear something from your experience 🙂

Matgalne Korean Cuisine and Grill

Level 6, Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas Center, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

Other Locations


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11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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