Hello! I’m happy that you’re here. Thanks for reading my blogs, I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoy it. I have something fun to share with you here, and I hope you remember them every time you are visiting my blog site and reading my new posts. Here we go…


All products I reviewed on this blog site are bought using my own money. I wrote them here to share with you my experience and how every product works for me. As you may notice, I’m adding links from different websites or anything searchable through the internet to give more emphasis, especially when it comes to product descriptions and proper use.

I always advise these things when you want to try the products I’ve tried:

  • Make sure to have further research on a product before buying and using it
  • Buy and use the products at your own risk and at your own free will
  • Know your skin type, skin and health condition, so better to visit your dermatologist or any health professionals


Everything that was written, related to those categories, with my honest opinions and based on my own experiences. Also, I paid for my own expenses.


Everything posted here was the property of Introspective Soul (cardelrosario.wordpress.com) unless stated otherwise. If you want to use the photos or text, please give me a credit by tagging me using my accounts:

Instagram: @cardelrosario

Facebook: Car Delrosario

and my blog site 🙂

Or, you can ask for my permissions if it will be used for other purposes: mrcrdelrosario@gmail.com


If in the future, I will be advertising or sponsoring something, please note that I took the opportunity and very much happy to share it with you as well.

You may notice links that I attached in some of the texts in my blog posts, please note that those are usually websites, and other informative sites that would be a good reference. But, keep in mind to always do further research for everything.

I would LOVE to hear your comments, feedback, or suggestions. Feel free to reach out by sending me a message in any of my accounts mentioned above 🙂

Thank you! 🙂 I hope you enjoy your visit here. ‘Till next time!

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