Texas Roadhouse~ Uptown Place Mall, BGC


Food is life. Yes! Of course! & the best part of it is when you discover a place to try something new. Exploring is really fun to do esp. during your day off, and you may also find another place to be part of your best-loved restaurants. I’m more on Korean, Japanese, and Mexican cuisines, but sometimes I’m also craving for steaks and ribs.

While looking for a place to eat, we found this restaurant called Texas Roadhouse located in Uptown Place Mall, BGC. T’was my pamper day and my boyfriend wanted to try something new for lunch. We were around BGC that time, and no plans yet, ‘till I just remembered to visit this mall, as we haven’t been there when I’m still working around the place. I noticed that they have a budget friendly meal, so we tried it. Let me share with you our dining experience.



The dining place is so comfy, and the ambiance is just perfect for late lunch~ around 2:00PM. When we visited this restaurant, there were few people dining in, so it’s not too noisy which I preferred. You can enjoy the view of BGC as well, if you seated at the window side.


It has an American vibe, most probably Texan vibe ‘cause of its name. Hehe! (am saying American vibe in general, as I haven’t been in the US, so the feels is only based on the American movies I’ve watched).


They were nice, warm, and friendly. They also recommended the best meals to try. We had a hard time deciding what to eat, but they were patient with that, esp. every time we are requesting something. There was just one time that they forgot we were asking for water; maybe we asked more than 3x before they served it. But they apologized for that, so it’s fine.


We ordered:


Cowbow Roast Beef – ₱395.00


Texas Grilled Pork Chop – ₱495.00


Buffalo Wings (5 pcs) – ₱335.00


While waiting for our order, they served us a basket of fresh and tasty peanuts, & cinnamon breads which I really like. You can also enjoy watching tv, as the waiting time is kinda long.

For our main dishes, the taste is good and flavorful. T’was cooked medium & it’s soft. I’m just not happy with my roast beef, since it has more fat than meat. The pork chop is a bit thin, and the size is small. Nothing special with the chicken, it’s just a simple spicy chicken that comes with a separate sauce, and the size is also small.


I guess the price is kinda steep compared to what we got, but the taste is good. I’m only referring to what we ordered, but I guess if we ordered their specialties like the ribs and other steaks, which are of course more expensive, that might be the best to try. Anyway, maybe next time.

Final thoughts~ Will I go back there? Most probably yes, as I also wanna try their other steak meals and ribs. But if only, I’m in the mood for American cuisine. Hehe!

If you want to try their steaks and ribs, visit them here:
Fourth Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
S Maison, Conrad Manila, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA)


Have you been here before? How’s your experience? Feel free to share it too 🙂


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