GIVEAWAY ENTRY~ Sony Alpha A5000


I was out somewhere and my boredom strikes while waiting for someone. ‘Cause I’m seriously bored, I browsed through my social media accounts. While scanning through it, there’s one thing that captivates me. I saw an interesting post from the page of a well-known electronics brand I’m following on Facebook, and I was like… OMG! Is this for real? Guess what? They posted a giveaway for one of their best products. IT’S MY DREAM CAMERA! Yes! I’m serious & honest by saying… it’s my dream camera! As in… OMG! I can’t contain my feelings, so I immediately check it out, and now I’m writing about it.

But before we move on to details, let me share with you a short story. Do you believe in love at first sight? ‘Cause I do! I absolutely fell in love with this camera from Sony called Sony Alpha A5000. Lol. I guess it was last month when I purposely went to the mall just to look for a camera I desire once I get a budget. I didn’t have thoughts about how much it will cost or if I can really afford it, ’till I spotted this camera in one of the gadget stores located at Glorietta. I was given a brochure from the staff, & I was totally shocked when I saw the price. Yea! It’s a high-priced camera. I didn’t mind the price yet, and I just continue to walk around ’till I ended up entering the Sony Centre.

From there, I suddenly realized that t’was really expensive. Haha! I honestly can’t afford it by this time. So today, after reading about this giveaway, I decided to join. And now, I’m here! 🙂 Btw, are you following Sony Philippines? How about YugaTech? If not yet, you should, as you might be interested to send an entry for this giveaway. Submission of entries run ’till March 27, 2017. Though chances might be low, it’s still a fun experience to write something about it. Also, blogging makes me feel happy all the time 🙂

So now, let’s find out more about this camera and why a lot of bloggers love it? As a person who loves taking pictures like you guys, if you’ve seen photos taken using this camera, who wouldn’t amazed? I doubt! The specs of the camera are EXCELLENT! And I can guarantee after seeing numerous bloggers’ photos. I was like… IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. *cries*

Let’s discover all pretty stuffs about this amazing Sony Alpha A5000:




These photos say it all. Haaaay ❤ Beautiful & elegant. I really wanna have it! *sigh*



For FULL SPECS, click here 🙂


For FULL Features, click here 🙂



There are lenses & accessories compatible for this camera.

For more details about Sony Alpha A5000, visit Sony website 🙂


Since I don’t have my own yet, I can only give comment based on what I observed when I tested the camera from the Sony Centre. If we talk about the quality of the photos, it exceeded my expectations. I’ve tried to take, I guess, up to 10 photos & it’s really really amazing. I haven’t tried to check the quality if it’s still good when you view it from the laptop, so I just do some Google search for it. You can also do the same & make your judgement 🙂

This camera is lightweight, which is a good thing esp. for travelers. For other things like specs, features, and all, I could say that this camera is definitely a good choice & I’m really hoping that I could have my own soon. It’ll be very very helpful & nice for my future blogs. I can have perfect photos for product reviews, too! That sounds great! 🙂

So far, Sony never fails to make me feel wow! I had Sony Xperia before, & I can tell how great my photos are, and my friends also noticed it. The quality is high for every photo, the details are so clear, and when you zoom in it’s not going to be pixelated. I didn’t install any photo editing apps, ’cause every photo taken is really the best.

What are you waiting for? If you can afford it, why not? It costs ₱22,999.00. But if not (like me), I’m encouraging you to create an entry now & let’s join in this giveaway. Who knows, one of us might win! *wink*

Where to buy? This is available in any Sony Centres and other gadget stores trusted.

For those who wants to join in this giveaway, click here for the details.

Thanks to Sony & YugaTech for this exciting giveaway. T’was fun posting a blog & submitting an entry. Hope you’ll find mine interesting, too!

For all who also submitted their entries, I wanna say one thing… Fighting!~ 🙂


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