Review~ Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream | Long Lasting for oily skin

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I purchased this product from my friend who introduced me the Korean skin care. I’ve been using this product everyday for a month now, and I’m really satisfied with its performance.

As I’ve mentioned from my previous blog, I’m not really a fan of sunscreen/sunblock before. I don’t even care how long I’ll be exposed outside esp at noon, ’cause I thought it’s just fine and I’m also kinda lazy to use an umbrella. Lol. ‘Till I’ve seen videos on how the sun damages our skin, and I can see some signs of it now. Sadly. And of course, I got bothered.

For those who are not yet using sunscreen/sunblock, it might not show any signs today, but eventually you’ll see. So I highly suggest that you should grab yours now and make it a habit of applying it every time you’re going out.




One thing I like with this product is ’cause it’s water resistant. The best go-to sunscreen when you go to the beach. I used it when we went to La Union, and re-apply after some time. I never got sunburned even I got exposed for a long time.

  • Sunflower oil and Jeju green tea extract protect your skin against UV rays.
  • A long-lasting, water-proofing UV protection effect prevents your skin from getting greasy with sweat and sebum during your outdoor activities [highly water-resistant].
  • Echium plantagineum seed oil and cardiospermum halicacabum extract help relax and refresh your skin.


Knowing that this product has sunflower oil and green tea extract, it really feels so good on my skin, as it addresses my major skin concern as well. It has SPF50+ PA+++ which is another important factor for me.

The formulation of this product is so light, and it doesn’t let my combination type of skin dry. Recently, I’ve been suffering from too much dryness, and ’cause it’s already summer here in our country. It’s not greasy even when you sweat. It’s simply a perfect sunscreen for me!~


The product comes in 50ml and seems to be small, right? But you only need a pea-sized of this product and it’s good to protect your whole face.


It dries so fast. Once product has been fully absorbed by my skin, it’ll blend with my skin tone. ‘Cause there are sunscreens I’ve tried before which has the same color as this one, but it won’t blend and it looks really really white on my face. Sigh.


Good thing that this product has a great absorption. There was an instance that I saw some white cast when I applied this product right after applying a moisturizer, even it got dried. So I change my moisturizer, and it’s good that it doesn’t show any white cast anymore. Happy!~

This is probably my favorite sunscreen now!~ However, I also wanna try the other sunscreens from Innisfree:

Perfect UV Protection Cream | Long lasting for dry skin, or

Perfect UV Protection Cream | Triple care

I might purchase any of I mentioned when I’m done with my current sunscreen. Also, depends on what skin condition I’ll be having that time.

For now, I highly recommend this sunscreen for everyone. Innisfree, so far, is my best-loved brand. I never had irritations while using their products.

Other Innisfree product I reviewed that you might want to read and give a try is~ Jeju Volcanic Clay Pore Mask

Where to buy? It’s also available in Althea Korea. 🙂 You may use this referral coupon code on your first purchase:

Referral Welcome

All right! So this is all for this blog. I hope you find it helpful. Thanks for dropping by! ‘Till next time! 🙂




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