Review~ Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

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It’s summer season now here in our country, and one of the most important product for me is something with moisturizing and soothing effect. Summer heat is really unbeatable, as it makes the skin dry, and obviously we can’t avoid it, so better to have something that could be a hero. When summer has started, I decided to stop using my lotion. Though I tried one with cooling sensation, it becomes sticky esp when I sweat. It’s literally irritating… Ottoke? 😦

So I looked for a product that would address my skin needs. And I’m glad to discover this Aloe Vera Soothing Gel by Nature Republic.


It’s my first time to try a product from Nature Republic, and it seems that this product considered as cult faves by many beauty bloggers. So I give a try and today is just perfect to share my thoughts after some time of constantly using it 🙂

Before we proceed, just to give you an overview about this brand and the product itself~







‘Cause of its benefits, I never hesitate to give a try. And I think I won’t give up with this product, and I’ll continue using it ’cause it seems to be my best ever all-in-one Korean product~

I don’t wanna go out or start my day without applying a lotion, but this summer season made me think twice. So I completely stop using my lotion, but of course I don’t wanna leave my skin bare, expose, and nothing to put for protection, so when I discovered this one. I ordered immediately.


This product with 92% of Aloe Vera extract is just perfect for my skin needs esp for this season. The moisturizing and soothing effect leaves my skin hydrated. So I’m now using this product every day in exchange with my old lotion.


It comes in a 300 ml of gel where the container is made of plastic and properly sealed, so you can bring this anywhere without worrying that it might spill.


I’m so in love with its smell~ a mild scent of an Aloe Vera, as it’s really relaxing and so refreshing. I’ve been using this product for a month now, and I haven’t experienced any irritations that I usually get if the product is not suitable for my skin. I’m giving this product two thumbs up! Hehe!~


I stored it in the refrigerator to add more cooling sensation, and it’s really really nice when applying to my skin. It’s easy to apply and spread all over your face and body.


Another good thing with this product is it’s a fast-absorbing gel that leaves a refreshing feeling and makes your skin hydrated and healthy. It’s not sticky which I like the most! 🙂 Should I go back with my old lotion? Not anymore. Hehe!~


This product is suitable for all skin types. You can use it anytime and anywhere, as it provides a hydrating effect. When I finished my previous moisturizer, I use it as an alternative while waiting for my stock, and I’m happy as it gives the same results. I just re-apply when needed, esp when I got exposed outside for a long time.

The product has a lot of uses and benefits, as we know that it’s mostly formulated with Aloe Vera extract. Aside from being a face and body moisturizer, this product also good for:

  • Relieving some skin irritations like after shaving,
  • Treatment to sunburn,
  • As an eye gel, or
  • As your night facial mask~ That’s why I called it as all-in-one product. 🙂

I highly recommend this product to everyone, even for those who have sensitive skin like me. It’s really hydrating, and it makes my skin soft and smooth all the time. This is best to use and re-apply esp during summer. No doubt that this product is always out of stock.

You can get this product at a very affordable price for only ₱180.00 (with 26% discount) in Althea Korea.

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All right! So this is all for today. I hope you find it interesting. Thanks for dropping by! ‘Till next time! 🙂




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