My 3-Step Night Cleansing Routine

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Hi everyone! It’s been a long time & it just feels so good to be back today. Finally! 🙂

I was really busy & I ended up sleeping instead of writing during my free time. I missed blogging, like what I always say. But I also need more sleep. 🙂 Honestly, I have so many products for review and I’m hoping that I could share it all to you within this week.

Today, I’m gonna share my effective 3-step night cleansing routine which is highly recommended for those who has a combination and acne-prone skin, like me. It’s important that you know your skin condition very well, so when you discover new products & decided to give a try, it won’t be a waste of money but your super hero.

I have the most common type of skin, which hated my many (of course) – acne prone & sensitive *sigh*. But eventually, instead of just sitting in the corner and cry LOL 😀 , why not take time to search for a perfect product to avoid such trouble. As you may also know, I have hormonal imbalance so obviously it’s another cause of my breakout.

After more than 2 months of being loyal with my current skin care routine using Korean products, I can see the results. I know my self observation is not enough, but hearing good feedback from other people, should I still be in doubt? 🙂 I’m really happy to know that after spending a lot of money and time, & avoid laziness, I can say that everything is now on track! Yey! 😀 *singing and dancing like no one is watching*

So here are the products that I won’t let go, to cleanse my face every night and why I love them so much! ❤

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Healing Tea Garden Tea Tree Cleansing Water by The Saem

I’ve read lots of reviews & as what t’was described that this is enough as your one step cleansing even you’re wearing makeup, yet for me it won’t be enough. So I bought this product and use it as my first step in cleansing. I’m honestly telling you that it really doesn’t leave any makeup on your face if you use it properly. I think it’s a perfect product for lazy people. Hehe! But I highly advise that you still cleanse your face with a cleansing foam or any of your fave cleansing products esp if you have a sensitive type of skin. I’m only using this product if I’m wearing makeup, which is during weekdays. But if not, I just go straight with my cleansing foam. This product doesn’t show any irritations and since it has tea tree, it helps my skin get rid of any trouble. I wanna write a separate review for this product. Hoping to make one within this week, so stay tuned!~

Clean It Zero Purity by Banila Co

Honestly my best-loved! I haven’t tried other cleansing balm aside from this. Maybe if I don’t feel satisfied anymore, I’ll find a new one. Do you have any suggestions? Please let me know 🙂 Btw, for full review of this product, click here.

Honest Cleansing Foam by Benton

I’m using this product as my last step in cleansing. I like the after effect ’cause it makes my skin feel tight but not dry, just enough to satisfy me when it comes to cleansing. I’ve been using other Benton products, as I’ve read a lot of reviews that it’s highly recommended for my skin type. This is my next hero to CosRX, and I’m so happy with it. I’ll be reviewing this product as well next time separately. Stay tuned!~

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So that’s it! My 3-step night cleansing routine that I highly recommend esp for those who have sensitive, combination, and acne-prone skin, and for those who can’t skip the day going out without makeup on. Since I’m using these products for more than 2 months now, I can’t say anything bad at all, as it keeps my skin hydrated, and doesn’t show any irritations.

For so many years (can’t specifically tell), I’ve been struggling in finding a perfect product for my skin, ’cause I’m also not aware of what exactly skin type do I have. So I did my best and take a lot of time reading, and now I can say that it’s finally worth it! I’m so happy and very very satisfied with how it takes care of my skin.

I hope you enjoy my entry today, and I’m so happy you visit. ’till next time! *wink*




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