Review~ BB Cushion Pore Control by Laneige


Long time no see! Sorry for that :p I was out for a long time, & it makes me feel so unproductive when it comes to blogging (obviously *sigh*), but I hope today’s blog could be the start, yet can’t actually promise *sigh again*. Honestly, I have a lot of products to review & share with you guys since I continuously hoarding Korean products from one of my fave online websites, but I have a very busy schedule that I still see in the coming days. Anyway, I’ll try my best to catch up. *wink*


Today, I’m gonna write about my first and new best-loved makeup product in exchanged to my previous BB cream and liquid foundation. I’m now having a good experience using the cushion, so I include this product during my 4th Korean products haul. It’s called BB Cushion Pore Control from Laneige. And yes! I’m a big fan of Laneige products! 🙂 & I’m actually planning to hoard more products from this brand soon! 🙂

I’m using this product for 2 months now, and today is just perfect to write a review about it. It’s my first cushion, so I won’t be able to compare it with other cushions from other various brands yet. Thus, I’ll just write an honest review on how this product keeps my skin less oily and hide my face imperfection.

I discovered Laneige way back my teenage days ’cause I usually saw this brand endorsed and used by my fave Korean actresses – Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Sung Kyung, Park Shin Hye – in many Korean Dramas I’ve watched. I didn’t have that hype feeling before, but when I finally decided to change my skin care with Korean products, this brand is the first thing that comes in my mind. And no doubt! This brand becomes so popular, as they really give what their claims for each of their products.

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Aside from being an avid fan of Korean skin care products, it won’t be a surprised to also love their makeup products since there are lots of brand offering cosmetics made from natural and organic ingredients. Previously, I’m loyal to an Asian brands like Maybelline, Revlon, Covergirl, etc. ’cause it’s suitable for my skin & also affordable. You can easily get yours in any drugstores and beauty sections in the mall. Those brands are not harsh on the skin, & I didn’t have any irritations. But when I switched to Korean products, I was really amazed ’cause I can finally use a product that won’t just give a good finish & look, but also helps my skin to get rid from any troubles 🙂 I’m so happy with my new go-to makeup that I love to use everyday~


There are 2 kinds of Laneige BB Cushions, but I chose to try this Pore Control first & when I’m done with this, I might try the other cushion which is the Whitening one. I got Pore Control #23 Sand (Neutral Tone) ’cause currently I have combination type of skin, & since I have yellowish tone – #23 is the perfect shade for me. I read some reviews that this version of BB Cushion from Laneige has a lighter shade than the old version. I’m normally #21 from other brands, but since many are saying that their shades are now lighter, I choose the darker shade next to #21.

You might need help in choosing the best shades suitable for your skin tone. Laneige can help you with that~ Are your skin Neutral Tone? Or Cool Tone? Find it here! 🙂 The website can also show you the best way in wearing makeup that will revive your skin tone. Very helpful! *wink*


Let’s talk about this BB Cushion Pore Control by Laneige

Stronger two-step oil control system!
“Refreshing BB cushion” makes skin feel moisturized inside and look matte outside for long hours”

Yes! It moisturized my skin, and its matte finish really works for long hours. I’ve observed it since day 1, and it sits well on my skin. I also don’t need to re-touch ’cause it’s still there even after spending more than 8 hours. I only use oil control film if my skin becomes oily. Another thing I like about this cushion is that it helps my skin to be less oily compared to the one I’m using before.

This cushion has SPF+ 50+++ which I always consider when I’m buying such product, but  I’m still using sun screen before wearing this.

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Hence, let me also give a comment for what this product claims:

1. Keeps skin moisturized inside and matte outside for long hours by selectively controlling only oil

The two-step oil control system makes skin look matte without any taut feel inside skin by strongly controlling oil and by providing moisture.

I think I had this feeling-of-love-at-first-sight with this product. When I started using it, I’ve observed how it stays on my skin for long hours – I tried to wear this without re-touch for more than 10 hours. It doesn’t make my skin dry, but moisturized! 🙂 Though it’s not as full coverage as compared with the first couple of hours, it still performs well when it comes to oil control.

2. Makes skin look bright and smooth by blurring pores and uneven skin texture!

The blurring layer, which reflects the penetrated light, makes skin look smooth and bright by covering pores and uneven skin texture.

Yes! It hides pores & it really even my skin texture. It looks so refreshing! 🙂

3. The ultra-light texture keeps skin fresh all day long!

The cotton candy powder in ultra-light texture with good permeability gives a refreshing feel that lasts long hours.

Wearing this cushion is enough for the whole day. You actually don’t need to put some powder on top just to let is stay for long hours, ’cause its matte finish will also show powdery finish. That’s why I love it! ❤

How to use this cushion?


1. Take content with the puff, apply on the face in the direction of skin texture in a pushing motion, and gently pat to make the application adhere to skin. To increase coverage, apply once more.


2. If the content no longer comes out after deeply pressing the cushion with the fingers, it means the content is used up; replace it with a new refill container.

Over all, I really really love this cushion from Laneige! & like what I mentioned, after this Pore Control, I’m also gonna try the Whitening one. I’m so excited! 🙂

I highly recommend this product & it’s a perfect choice for a cushion-first-timer! 🙂 It’s worth the money & I won’t hesitate to repurchase.

Where to buy? It’s also available in Althea Korea. 🙂 You may use this referral coupon code on your first purchase:

So, that’s all for today! Thanks for dropping by! ‘Till next time! 🙂










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