Review~ Dual Eyebrow Tint by Blingsome


Today’s blog is about my newly discovered eyebrow tint. Before, I’m contented in using an eyebrow pencil & I’m good to go. But ’cause my eyebrow is really dark, I decided to try an eyebrow mascara so my brow color will be the same with my hair color. The first eyebrow mascara I’ve tried was the one from Etude House, & since I’m fine with that, I just continue purchasing the same, but this time I bought a new one from a different brand. It’s called Dual Eyebrow Tint by Blingsome.



I got this product from Althea Korea for ₱390 (with 57% discount). I’m not sure if it’s really affordable ’cause the size & content is not really that much. It’s also available in Watson, but the price is double. Not sure why it’s very expensive.

This product has two sides~ eyebrow pen and eyebrowcara. The eyebrow pen is thin, soft, and very easy to use. And what I like with this product is the eyebrowcara, as it really makes the brow looks natural.

How To Apply?

image5At night after washing my face & applying toner, I will draw a brow border using the eyebrow pen.

Then, will fill in the brow using the eyebrowcara, & let it dry overnight.

image3The next day, I’ll re-apply using eyebrowcara during makeup.

Now, let’s see what this product claims, and let me give a comment on each:

Natural eyebrows for a long time

Yes, it definitely looks natural! I got the brown one & I like the shade. It’s really actually matches with my hair color. But when it comes to longevity, I doubt it as it really doesn’t last long.

Long without smudging

Yes, it doesn’t smudge, but it fades.

Light, thin and soft color coating

Yes, I like the color coating as it really looks natural.

Overall, I like the color ’cause it really gives a natural look. But I don’t believe that it’ll stay long ’cause when you wash your face at night, it also removes. Everything will be gone, as if it’s like you didn’t put anything. So I guess the performance of this product is not really good.

It’s also not worth the price. It’s already at a very big discount but for me, it’s still expensive. That’s all I can say. Thus, I’m going to look for a new one when I’m done with this. Though I’m not sure if it’s ’cause this product might not be suitable for my skin, or there is some kind of type of skin that this product would really work for. I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s a good experience to try this one.

Okay, that’s it for today! Btw, have you tried this product? Share your thoughts as well.

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 ’till next time!





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