Review~ Fresh Herb Origin Serum by Natural Pacific

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Let’s talk about serum 🙂 I know it’s kinda late ’cause I started using this product since April 2017, & I even got my second bottle today. Anyway, still a perfect timing to write a review about this product & I’m so excited to tell you how much I love it! ❤ I’m using other serum before, but it irritates my skin on my first try. Good thing that’s not expensive, so I searched for a new one~ & I’m so happy when I discovered this serum called  Fresh Herb Origin Serum by Natural Pacific.

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This product really amazes me every single day! ’cause of how it changes my skin elasticity, & how it really helps my skin improves in so many ways. Deabak! 🙂 So today, I’m gonna tell you everything about this product & the main reason why I should never replace it. *wink*

It’s my best-loved ever serum!~ The brand is not new to me, as I already tried their facial masks and recently I purchased their cleansing oil (I’m gonna post a separate review after some time), & this brand never disappoints me (so far), yet it really makes me fall in love over & over! ❤ I’m really really happy & I guess I’m also lucky that I discover this brand which I find their products very suitable for my skin type.

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This serum claims to be a very effective anti-aging product, which I have no doubt at all! 🙂 It has skin anti-oxidation barrier that prevents skin degeneration. What anti-aging elements it contains?




Sour Anti-Aging Element

Aminobutyric Acid that causes skin transformation

recovers oxidized and loose skin through sour reaction

*Certified for anti-aging function


Wrinkle Treatment Function

Wrinkle alleviation and anti-oxidizing elements rejuvenates skin


Vegetable Preservative

Vegetable preservative such as Korean pepper, pasqueflower, and usnea give little irritation to sensitive skin


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Many Beauty Bloggers love this serum. Now, I can tell you that this product is my holy grail! 🙂 I can’t think of any other serums that would provide an effective results to my skin problems. And within 3 months of constant usage, I can see the huge difference in my skin texture where it becomes soft, smooth, & moisturized.

When I used this serum for the first time, there is a tingling feeling (that’s why it’s called as Cursing Serum) in some parts of my face. This feeling is due to the absorption of Aminobutyric Acid. It also actually means that you have cracks on your face, and this product would help your skin to improve. How? in due time, you’ll feel lesser pain ’till it’s gone! 🙂


Main Ingredients

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Certified anti-oxidizing elements ~ Vitamin Fruit ~ Fruit Acid ~ Pasque Flower ~ Korean Pepper ~ Usnea


How To Use It



This product has 2 layers, so before using it, you need to shake it first so oil will be mixed. Then open the cap immediately, put 4-5 drops in your palm & apply it on your face. Right after application, my face becomes soft & moist. During application, make sure to set it in a gentle tapping motion, so the product will be fully absorbed by your skin. Lastly, take some time like about 5-10 minutes before you proceed with your next skin care steps. That’s how I do it 🙂 but it’s still depends on you how long would you like to wait.

This so called Cursing Serum is highly recommended to those who have loosening pores; those who starting to have wrinkles; those with skin troubles; & those with dry skin. It’s perfect for me! 🙂 ‘Cause currently, I have combination & acne-prone skin. Its performance is really great, as it works well on my skin. And I even notice the result for as early as day 7! 🙂 Can you feel how happy & satisfied I am with this product? This is really my hero!!! 🙂 Thank you Nature Pacific for creating such a perfect product like this one! 🙂

My skin texture improves & I observed that some of my small lines disappear. It really helps my dry skin becomes moisturized & it feels so soft. And not just that! I noticed that my pimple marks are fading, & some of my small dark spots totally disappear. I really really love this serum! & I can’t & won’t, ever!, remove this product in my skin care routine. I’m looking forward to this product if this will lighten all my skin imperfections, it might take a year or two. Let’s see! 🙂


I got it from Althea Korea for ₱640.00 (with 50% discount).

You may use this referral coupon code on your first purchase:


YES! DEFINITELY! I’m planning to buy 2 bottles on my next haul 🙂


YES! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! What it claims will absolutely amaze you, & like me you’ll love this product, too! 🙂

RATING: imageproxyimageproxyimageproxyimageproxyimageproxy


This is all for today. Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you next time! 🙂





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