Althea Korea Haul ~ June 2017


Hi guys! Yes, I know it’s super late to post this haul. Actually, I was really busy ’cause aside from working in the office, I’m now managing an online business. So many things happened, that’s why this haul will just be published today. Since I already started writing this long time ago, I’m just going to continue and finish it today. So, let’s start! *wink*


One of the most exciting parts purchasing online is when you just click on the product that you like then wait for your package to arrive! 🙂 Very simple and also convenient esp for those busy girls out there, like me.


So last June 2017, I placed two orders in Althea Korea. Why two? ‘Cause I grabbed the two available discounts and I decided to separate it accordingly. And after 2 weeks, I got them! 🙂 Yey!~

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I repurchased most of the items, while for others, it’ll be my first time to use them. Now, let’s check out my items!~


One of the reasons why I love buying Korean products at Althea Korea is ’cause they are well-packed. Products are organized properly in their hard pink box, and each item & even the box are sealed in bubble wrap. The box is also sealed in their unique design pink plastic. So cool & pretty! 🙂

Now, let’s see what I purchased…


Perfect Moisture Lotion by Onsaemeein

Since I tried the Perfect Moisture-Cream from the same brand (& I even forgot to post a blog about it, *sigh* but I’ll try to make one when I repurchase), now I wanna try the lotion type. I badly need a moisturizer ’cause I noticed that my skin is getting dry. The only difference I can see between the cream & lotion is that lotion is thicker than the cream one. The cream moisturizer is kind of watery so it really keeps your skin moisturized. 

After using this since June, I can say that I still prefer the cream one. I don’t prefer a thicker type of cream ’cause it makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m planning to buy the cream again when I’m done with this. I got this for ₱424.00 (₩9,370.95)



Fresh Herb Origin Serum by Natural Pacific

This is my second bottle! 🙂 Obviously, it meets my expectations so I want to continue using this product. This is totally my holy grail! It helps lighten my pimple marks & dark spots, & it also has an anti-aging benefits that I loved the most! I got this for ₱640.00 (₩14,149.03). For full review, click on the link below…


Review~ Fresh Herb Origin Serum by Natural Pacific


Capsule Recipe Pack (Jeju Bija & Tea Tree) by Innisfree

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of this product. Actually, also the deep cleansing oil from Natural Pacific. *sigh* I just realized when I’m done on both 😦


I’m so in love with facial masks, & one of my best-loved always came from Innisfree. As you may know, I’m loyal with this brand (if only I can buy all their products, I would. Haha!). There are many types of capsule recipe pack that you can choose from, & for me I choose this Jeju Bija & Tea Tree ’cause it’ll focus on my skin trouble. I actually wanna get the big size, but t’was out of stock so I just get this mini size for the mean time. This product is only ₱90.00 (₩1,989.71)

For a quick review on this product, I’ll definitely repurchase more of them. I like how it keeps my skin pimple-free after using the 2 capsules and it also keeps my skin hydrated and smooth. One capsule is good for 2 usage. I’m gonna buy a big size next time 🙂



Review~ Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask by KLAIRS

Review ~ Lip Sleeping Mask by LANEIGE

Review ~ Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask by INNISFREE

Review ~ Klairs & Holika Holika Sheet Masks


Perfect Facial Deep Cleansing Oil by Natural Pacific

This product is a good alternative. It’s mild and the scent is not overpowering. Just a good product if you want to save money. I got this for only ₱440.00 (₩9,727.46), it’s really affordable! Since I have a very sensitive skin, it’s recommended for all skin types.

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Silky & Light Sun Milk by Rire

I still have my best-loved sunscreen, but I wanna try a new one & I choose this sunscreen from Rire. I got this product for only ₱310.00 (₩6,853.44). Last June, Althea Korea has discounts for Rire products, & from the list, this one is what I’m interested to try. I read many reviews about it & many of them say that it really performs well. So let’s see 🙂


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Aloe Vera Soothing Gel by Nature Republic

This is my second tab! Got it for only ₱180.00 (₩3,979.42). For full review, click on the link below…


Review~ Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel



Color Change Up Brow Mascara (Caramel Brown) by Abbamart

Mineral Essential Concealer (True Beige) by Innisfree

Eyebrow mascara & concealer will always be part of my go-to everyday makeup. It gives natural & simple look that I always want to achieve. I’m almost finish with my first eyebrow tint I got from other brand, & while I’m checking out a cheaper one, I choose this product from Abbamart. I got it for ₱260.00 (₩5,748.04).

The concealer I currently have came from Maybelline, & since Innisfree is my favorite, now I wanna try their makeup products & I’m gonna start with this one. This product is only ₱247.00 (₩5,460.64). Next time, I’ll get other products like their cushion & eyeshadow.


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I know I’m kinda unproductive, but I’ll find time to post a review for other products. So stay tuned! 🙂



I got all these products from Althea Korea & all are in big discounts. The total amount I only spent is ₱1,293.30 + ₱1,073.60 = ₱2,366.90 (₩52,327.10) 🙂

You may use this referral coupon code on your first purchase:


YES! DEFINITELY! ALWAYS! But if I’ll go to Korea, I might get some of my products there. Hehe! 🙂


ABSOLUTELY YES! Not just ’cause their products are cheaper compared to other online shops, packages are also directly shipped from Korea. So you’re sure & confident that it’s 100% authentic 🙂

RATING: imageproxyimageproxyimageproxyimageproxyimageproxy



This is all for today. Thanks for dropping by! ‘Till next time! 🙂






















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