My Fairytale

My Fairytale A thousand words have been spoken, and those three words always abide— “I love you”, and then my heart flattered. Promises were even made; and unexpectedly never been broken. “I promise to give you all that you desire”, and then I said, “I will do the same”. For all those years I’ve been … Continue reading My Fairytale


Korea 2017 ~ Airfare, Visa, & Accommodation

Hello! I know it's been a while since my last post. I actually promised to myself to be active in this blog, but I think I can't keep that promise by now 'cause I'm so busy (literally) and I don't have time even for my hobbies. Anyway, I'm here again today and it feels so good … Continue reading Korea 2017 ~ Airfare, Visa, & Accommodation

To Stay With You

It's around three o'clock in the afternoon and I'm listening to my playlist on Spotify. Suddenly, one song hits my heart—it's From the Ground Up by Dan & Shay. There is something about this song that motivates me to write today, so I'm here. The weather at this moment is just right for me to … Continue reading To Stay With You

Review ~ Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation & Concealer by Maybelline

Hi guys! So today's blog is all about my new discovery from my trusted brand Maybelline. This product line is called Fit Me! 🙂 This is new to me 'cause I also stopped wearing makeup these past few months. I started going out with a bare face and confidence. Hehe! It's a very hard decision … Continue reading Review ~ Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation & Concealer by Maybelline

Althea Korea Haul ~ June 2017

Hi guys! Yes, I know it's super late to post this haul. Actually, I was really busy 'cause aside from working in the office, I'm now managing an online business. So many things happened, that's why this haul will just be published today. Since I already started writing this long time ago, I'm just going … Continue reading Althea Korea Haul ~ June 2017

Just A Moment

How painful it would be to like someone who never even knows who you are. Those tears that fall every now and then, 'cause of the truth that you've been hurt and only you who can understand. How frustrating this feeling of being hopeless, 'cause you have nothing to do. When you always wish to … Continue reading Just A Moment