Currently Thinking | Vol. 4

So, I just realized that the last Currently Thinking blog I posted was last January, when I'm having a hard time to go to sleep. I also remember how unlucky I was that month because of the first time (hopefully the last time) bad experienced that I prayed not to happen again. I wasn’t able to tell … Continue reading Currently Thinking | Vol. 4


Currently Thinking | Vol. 3

I was supposed to publish this entry around 2AM, but I got sleepy. (Yes! At last you came! I was waiting for you since 9PM.) Of course, I will definitely not going to fight for it. So instead of publishing, I ended up dropping my phone anywhere on the floor and travel to Dream Land. … Continue reading Currently Thinking | Vol. 3

Throwback Tuesday

Currently… Thinking of fixing thoughts in my mind to write here Wanting to go outside to buy snacks, but I’m so tinatamad Loving boy band’s songs from 90’s and 2000’s that I am currently listening from Spotify Wishing for my fast recovery, because this allergy really makes me so sick Praying that one day… all … Continue reading Throwback Tuesday

Currently Thinking | Vol. 2

For random stuffs... I was on my way home when I suddenly found this interesting blogsite while browsing. I was like making kalikot of the setting, until I saw the themes. Wow! Ang gandaaa! I like this blogsite! As you can see, I am now here! I was previously posting to another blogsite, and I … Continue reading Currently Thinking | Vol. 2

Currently Thinking | Vol. 1

I was like asking myself this morning if there would be other things I can do. It might be in my current work or could be for the future. "Ano kaya mangyayari bukas? Sa makalawa? Sa mga susunod na araw, linggo, buwan?" I got tired for today as I had to finish all the tasks … Continue reading Currently Thinking | Vol. 1