Korea 2017 ~ Airfare, Visa, & Accommodation

Hello! I know it's been a while since my last post. I actually promised to myself to be active in this blog, but I think I can't keep that promise by now 'cause I'm so busy (literally) and I don't have time even for my hobbies. Anyway, I'm here again today and it feels so good [...]


Texas Roadhouse~ Uptown Place Mall, BGC

Food is life. Yes! Of course! & the best part of it is when you discover a place to try something new. Exploring is really fun to do esp. during your day off, and you may also find another place to be part of your best-loved restaurants. I’m more on Korean, Japanese, and Mexican cuisines, [...]

#WeekendGetaway at Crystal Beach Resort ~ Zambales

One of the most awaited season by many, esp. for beach lovers or those longing for "vitamin sea" will understand, is summer. Here in the Philippines, summer comes in April and ends in May; and I'm honestly telling you the weather is extremely hot (for me), so obviously I really hate going out. But, there are lots of fun [...]

We Love Korean Food | Matgalne Korean Cuisine and Grill | Part 2

As promised in my previous blog, My Special Day (11/02), that I'll write about other restaurants offering Korean cuisine. Aside from my love for Korean dramas and Korean products, this is another thing I'm currently always obsessed with. I honestly say that before, I hate spicy food, until I finally gave a try. I can recall when my friend said, "If you like Korean [...]

My Special Day (11/02)

OMG! I really missed writing! It was November when I last posted an entry. Haaay… Why I'm so busy? IDK (I don’t know). Oh well... I'm glad that I'm back. I have so many stories to tell you. I’m so happy that I have time to write something for today. I should grab this chance [...]

Corn and Coleslaw Plate ~ Bad Bird | Hole in the Wall

Trying something new is really fun and exciting, especially if you're with those people who also love to eat. Normally during payday, is a perfect time to treat yourself by going out for lunch or dinner. Before, the first thing that usually comes into our mind is to eat in a buffet restaurant. Well... because they serve [...]

We Love Korean Food | Sariwon Korean Restaurant | Part 1

I’m actually not feeling well since yesterday, so the only thing I can do is to stay in bed and sleep a lot. Literally, a lot! It’s almost 6:00PM and I’m still in bed. Haaay... I have nothing to do because I don’t feel like doing anything. My body is so weak. Sigh. So I just [...]