Saengil Chukhahaeyo Ruru~

생일 축하합니다 생일 축하합니다 사랑하는 생일 축하합니다! 생일의 가장 친한 친구! ❤ Hi Bes, I know it's kinda something new as I'm not just writing a message through Facebook status, instead I decided to make one here 🙂 You know how special this website for me, as how special you are in my life~ We've been friends for … Continue reading Saengil Chukhahaeyo Ruru~

COLDPLAY~ A Head Full Of Dreams Tour 2017

April 4, 2017~ that exact moment of my lifetime, I witnessed an amazing concert for the first time. And I'm honestly telling you that t'was totally a blast!!! 🙂 I couldn't contain that overwhelming feeling of happiness and 'till now... my heart is literally singing. I still can't move on. It was really really really reallyyyyyyyy an … Continue reading COLDPLAY~ A Head Full Of Dreams Tour 2017


I was totally surprised when one of my fave bloggers nominated me for Blog-aholic Award. Thank you so much mimarosablog! After reading her post, it encourages me to write more interesting stuffs happening around me. Though I honestly don't have much time to blog regularly, still I'll try my best effort 'cause I want to share every wonderful and inspiring … Continue reading THE BLOG-AHOLIC AWARD

Korean Beauty Products & Skincare Haul

My heart is full of joy right now. I can't contain the overwhelming feeling of happiness & excitement 🙂 It obviously makes me smile the whole time. I just hope that nothing bad is gonna happen after this. Lol. Oh well… so I finally got my 3rd batch of Korean beauty & skincare products last week! (it was … Continue reading Korean Beauty Products & Skincare Haul

GIVEAWAY ENTRY~ Sony Alpha A5000

I was out somewhere and my boredom strikes while waiting for someone. 'Cause I'm seriously bored, I browsed through my social media accounts. While scanning through it, there's one thing that captivates me. I saw an interesting post from the page of a well-known electronics brand I'm following on Facebook, and I was like... OMG! Is … Continue reading GIVEAWAY ENTRY~ Sony Alpha A5000


Hello! I'm happy that you're here. Thanks for reading my blogs, I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoy it. I have something fun to share with you here, and I hope you remember them every time you are visiting my blog site and reading my new posts. Here we go... PRODUCTS All products … Continue reading DISCLAIMER


There is always someone with a very special space in our heart. You can’t explain the feelings that you have towards that person because it will never be compared. Even a lot of things had happened, and even how long the time has passed, that space we gave only to that person will always be there. … Continue reading 베프