Korean Beauty Products & Skincare Haul

My heart is full of joy right now. I can't contain the overwhelming feeling of happiness & excitement 🙂 It obviously makes me smile the whole time. I just hope that nothing bad is gonna happen after this. Lol. Oh well… so I finally got my 3rd batch of Korean beauty & skincare products last week! (it was … Continue reading Korean Beauty Products & Skincare Haul


Review ~ Acne Pimple Master Patch by COSRX

Having an acne prone skin is really a nightmare. It feels like you just want to lock yourself at home, so no one can ever notice your skin condition. *cries* Way back two years ago, my skin was at its worst. I've tried a lot of products, but nothing works. I guess you know how … Continue reading Review ~ Acne Pimple Master Patch by COSRX