Review~ Fresh Herb Origin Serum by Natural Pacific

Let's talk about serum ūüôā I know it's kinda late 'cause I started using this product since April 2017, & I even got my second bottle today. Anyway, still a perfect timing to write a review about this product & I'm so excited to tell you how much I love it! ‚̧ I'm using other [...]

Review~ BB Cushion Pore Control by Laneige

Long time no see! Sorry for that :p I was out for a long time, & it makes me feel so unproductive when it comes to blogging (obviously *sigh*), but I hope today's blog could be the start, yet can't actually promise *sigh again*. Honestly, I have a lot of products to review & share with [...]

Review~ CosRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

If you're having trouble skin and still looking for the effective product that would target your skin concern, this is probably the best one that you should try. There are lots of Korean products in the market that claims to address various skin problems - like sensitive, pimples and acne - but this product I discovered presents a promising results. After a [...]

Review~ Wine Peeling Jelly Softener by Innisfree

Every after facial treatment, for about 2-3 days, my pores become visible and I can feel some small bumps on my face. There are also areas wherein it feels and looks rough and dry. *sigh* Hence, I started to look for a product that could be my hero. Most probably, the essential product that can address this matter is [...]

Review~ Hello Everybody | Berry Vinegar Water Treatment

Hi guys! Newly discovered best Korean product I’ve tried, and this time it’s about hair treatment. I started to use this product last month, as part of my weekly pamper time. Since I'm a big fan of changing hair color, it obviously damages my hair, but this product helps me to restore its natural look from its constant usage. Having a sensitive skin is [...]

Review~ Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask by KLAIRS

If you have read my post about sheet masks than I‚Äôm currently using, this one from Klairs has become one of my best-loved. Every weekend, I give myself a pamper time & put-on a facial mask is part of it. Why? It simply ‚Äėcause it‚Äôs very easy to use while I‚Äôm watching movies or having [...]

Review ~ Acne Pimple Master Patch by COSRX

Having an acne prone skin is really a nightmare. It feels like you just want to lock yourself at home, so no one can ever notice your skin condition. *cries* Way back two years ago, my skin was at its worst. I've tried a lot of products, but nothing works. I guess you know how [...]

Review ~ Lip Sleeping Mask by LANEIGE

I haven't tried any lip care products before, 'till I decided to look for one as I discerned  my lips turned dry, especially when there's a changing of the weather. I like wearing lip tint every day, but after some time, it makes my lips look dry, chapped, and flaky. So to get rid of it, I use lip balm during the day, and at [...]

Review ~ Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask by INNISFREE

One of the brands I wanted to give a try is Innisfree. I got so excited when I first watched some clips of this brand spreading in social media, and when I saw Lee Min Ho as their endorser. OMGGGGGGGG! OPPAAAAAAAAAAAA!~~~ This is what I'm saying... natulala ako for a minute when I attached this gif. Hihi! So [...]

Review ~ Banila Co. Clean It Zero | Purity

I'm so in love with Clean It Zero Purity of Banila Co. Same with being obsessed to Korean Dramas. Haha! I'm using this product for two reasons: I want to cleanse my face after putting on makeup in a day, and I want it to be as hypoallergenic as possible I wrote about my daily skin [...]